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6 Freedoms I know I take lightly

I contemplated what to post today…after all it is Memorial Day…right?   I am thankful for days like today…a day set aside to bring to the forefront of our minds those who have fought and those who ARE fighting for our freedoms.  We…well I should speak to myself here…I take this all too lightly, I admit this.  Though as I have been reflecting on those who have fought for my freedoms and liberties I have to say…I am thankful.  My next leading thought…well what are some of my freedoms that I take lightly, that I am thankful for.  As I jotted these down…I thought I’d share. 6 Freedoms I Am Thankful For

  1. Freedom in Christ- He paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!
  2. Freedom to pray – Even in public!
  3. Freedom to Worship & Attend Church-  Not having to hide our worship but being able to openly worship and go to church.
  4. Freedom of Speech
  5. Freedom to work and own a business

Thank you to all of the service men and women along with their families who have faithfully served our country.  Thank you. ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLCPIN THIS

[iPhone Instagram Shot on May 23, 2014]

What freedoms are you thankful for? Please do comment and share, I would love to hear!

  • Colleen Strahan Schonhoff - I am thankful for having had the freedom to “Volunteer” to serve my country for 21 years.

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