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6 Quick and Easy Tips for better Fall Festival Pictures

6 Quick and Easy Tips to take better Fall Festival Pictures

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You are the mama with the camera on your hip along while you’re pushing the stroller with the worn out 2 year old while your better half of a grandparent is trying to catch up with the 4 year old…in the midst of a crowded area…yet you want to capture this moment at your fall festival, fall pumpkin patch or fall corn maize.  Whatever it is all you know as the mama is you want to take better pictures and not skip a thing!


1-  Start with the Portraits

Before the kids are sweaty, dirty, distracted or sick of the camera.  Start with the smiling picture looking at the camera.  Ok maybe they don’t even want to do that…be creative with getting the portrait at the beginning.  Maybe the festival has a place they can sit on a tractor…a bale of hay something that you can trick them into being still for just a minute so you can get a good shot.  If they won’t cooperate don’t force it…it will make you frustrated as well as them. Move on and come back to this idea later if all goes well!

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2- Get on the kids level

See what they are seeing.  We are 3-4 feet taller than the kids. So their perspective of what is happening is on a much lower level.  Squat down, sit down, bend down and take a picture at their level of their perspective.  It’s totally different makes for a more inviting picture and engages the one who you will show the picture to later.

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3- Take a picture of them not looking at the camera!

Yes you read that correctly.  Not every picture is a great picture of them looking at the camera.  The kids will get REALLY tired of hearing- Hey look at mama!  Look here!.  So don’t even say that…take a picture of them walking through the pumpkin patch.  A picture of them walking away from the camera…maybe they are running towards you but looking over at grandma or grandpa.  Snap those pictures too!!!!

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4- Interact with them doing an activity

Ask them to show you the pumpkin they are choosing.  Have them reach inside of their bag and show you the candy they just collected.  Take a picture of them jumping around the bales of hay.  Take a picture of them peeking around the corn-stalks.  Silly faces.  Something!

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5- Have at least one picture of everyone.

Document the activity/day/festival.  Whoever has come along with you make it a goal to get one picture of them.  No matter if it’s a great aunt or a next door neighbor document them being with your family.  It doesn’t have to be a smiling portrait it can be them interacting with another family member or friend.  They may not particularly care for their picture being taken and they may give you a hard time…none-the-less snap quick and include them in on your day!

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6-  Put the Camera Down

Last but not least I normally tell you mamas…get the few pictures you need and want…then put the camera down as to not miss the moments and memories you’re making with your family.  When you’ve gotten what you want, put the camera away and enjoy life in the moment.

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  • Keeping Your Cents - Great tips Erin Rachel Photography and your pictures are just gorgeous!

  • Keeping Your Cents - Great tips Erin Rachel Photography and your pictures are just gorgeous!

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