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A little something personal |our simple life

Yes.  I’ve been MIA.

BUT.  well I guess there is no reason to give an excuse…none will suffice but at the same time…it’s been busy!

I’ve had so many people ask when I’m going to start blogging about “us” again.

I’ve wanted to…and it’s been on my list of things to do that keeps growing a-mile-longer each time I add to it…and honestly some things take priority over others.

Well today I’m making this blog post a priority and I’m promising to get back into the swing of things when it comes to blogging about life!  So here goes!

In the meantime the MOST famous question we’ve both been asked over the past “29 weeks” is……

Do you know what you’re having?  Are you finding out?

No.  We aren’t.  We are the weird ones.  We are the ones holding everyone in suspense.  We are the ones saving the grandmothers money (yeh our Dads can thank us later!)  We are the ones that aren’t going with the flow.  Yet we’re dying to know too…boy or girl?  Well in 11-ish short weeks we’ll find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Yeh so everything that anyone will tell you not to do all at the same time…well that’s what we’re doing!  All within the first two years of marriage!!

Building a house

Having a Baby

Amongst normal life day in and day out.

It’s all good.  We’re really excited about our new journey ahead…although honestly we don’t know what is ahead.  Not that anyone does…but I’m not sure we really know what to expect with the new addition coming in July.  I don’t care how many books you read…or people you talk to…or little ones you’ve been around…until it’s your own, in your hands and the decisions you have to make…whew parenting has just begun.  We’ll figure it out.  We’ll adjust.  We’ll be in love and we’ll have each other.  Until then…we’ve documented our “little one” each week and it’s approx. growth.  Some weeks we’ve really wondered how it corresponds but mainly in weight is what we’ve come to the conclusion on…now only about 11 more weeks to document and we’ll finally get to meet our little one!!!!!

WEEK 6 sweet pea  WEEK 7  blueberry WEEK 8  raspberry

Babies Growth_0106PIN THIS

WEEK 9 Green Olive  WEEK 10 Prune  WEEK 11 Lime

Babies Growth_0108PIN THIS
Week 12 Kiwi  Week 13 Clementine

Babies Growth_0109PIN THIS

Week 14  lemon Week 15 naval orange  Week 16 avocado

Babies Growth_0110PIN THIS

Week 17 turnip  Week 18  sweet potato Week 19 tomato

Babies Growth_0111PIN THIS

Week 20  mango Week 21  banana Week 22 spaghetti squash

Babies Growth_0112PIN THIS

Week 23 papaya  Week 24  ear of corn Week 25 rutabaga

Babies Growth_0113PIN THIS

Week 26 eggplant  Week 27 cauliflower Week 28 butternut squash

babies growth09PIN THIS

  • Brenda Sjoberg Bickford - LOVE it!! What a great idea!!! Can’t wait!!

  • Robin Betsch - Good for you!!! I’ve told my kids to please not find out! That is one of the very special moments in your life…. that moment you find out at birth, so good for you! Hope everything is going well and we look forward to hearing about that new little one. Blessings!

  • Gwen Duffy Lotz - Erin, not that long ago, none of us knew what we were having, you just prayed for a healthy baby, you look so happy, wishing you and Bern all the best!

  • Carol James - Nice to see blogs again!

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