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a little thing called life {4}

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday…it seems just like yesterday that I sat down
to write a little thing called life {3}…where does the time go?
They tell me..”just wait until you get married and have kids…then
you will really see how time flies!” I’m obviously not there yet
and I’m not sure that I believe them…Check back with me in about ten years!

It’s been a good week…and I’m so happy to let you peak
inside of what has been going on in my life!  Thanks to my i-phone.
Wait…don’t get too excited…it’s nothing grand…just good!


My sister has started a new venture of hand-stamped jewelry
and she so kindly gave me one…which I have probably
worn everyday since. If you are interested in looking
at more of her jewelry check her out {here}

My day was spent with lightroom!
I pretty much went craz-yy but I spent the whole day…
yes no lie…the w.h.o.l.e. day…editing and ordering
pictures for a huge photography job…guess what?
It’s finished!

It gets old and boring some days but I make it a point
to hit the pavement or the treadmill and get 3 miles in.
It’s good for me physically and mentally!!

I photographed a beautiful wedding on a beautiful day
for a beautiful bride and groom. I love my brides!!!!

The last post did I not tell you that probably every one of these
posts in this series would probably include food?!?!?!
Well I’m proving it…I spent the day in Pensacola and had to hit
up one of my all time favorites…Five Guys. Have you ever been?
If not you have to go…yes I’m pretty much
telling you what to do…you have to…then you have to let
me know what you think!
I plan ahead for it…I save up my calories…seriously. It’s
worth it!!!  Worth every single bite!!!


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  • Monica Morel - was the HUGE order Upward basketball pics… cuz I can’t wait to get them! 🙂

  • Erin Rachel - Monica…how did you ever guess?!?!?!

  • Monica Morel - I am just smart like that… I am loving looking at your pics from your trip… so keep them coming!!! ENVY!!!

  • Sherry Varquez - Did you just use iPhone with Hipstamatic app for these pictures? Thanks!

  • Erin Rachel - Sherry! Actually no I’m using instagram!

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