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a little thing called life {5}

I had to really pick and choose my images for this week!
I have a ton of iphone pictures from my trip to Cali and back!

I flew out late that afternoon to San Francisco, CA.
Flying is not my passion in life….I dread it but I do it
because I love adventure and I love traveling!

San Francisco at 12:30 at night…buzzing! Boy did
I see some sights!!!

We headed out on a three hour drive to
Yosemite National Park for three days full of
adventure and photography! I loved every minute of it!

I took a picture of what my daily food consisted of…
Cliff bars were my best friend! We were on the run and
barely ate meals…I can’t decide if I gained weight from eating so much
or lost weight from walking so much! haha

I finally got to indulge in Chipotle…the place I have heard about
for the past I don’t know how many years! Yes it was good…:-)

This only summarizes my week at a glimpse…so much happened
and I saw so much but I’m saving those images for a “real” blog post!!!


  • Ashley - I pink fluffy heart Chipotle. Wish we had one in NOLA.

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