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I’m Erin.  Welcome to my Blog!  A place where I will show off all of my photography work…give tons of business tips and encouragement to photographers as well as share with you a little bit of my life.

I’m a crazy in love newlywed who loves chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven and chick fil a French fries.  Please don’t judge! !  I love making memories, I love people and I love adventure and travels with my mister.  My obsession when I travel is photographing old doors and setting the self-timer for the mister and me. Yes, photography is a passion coupled with teaching photographers and seeing other business owners grow.

The most popular questions I get asked are…

How did you start doing photography?

How did you know that you wanted to make this a business?

Did you always dream of becoming a photographer?

Well I’ll try to answer these questions, plus more, in my little story.

There are still areas in my business and photography that can grow, as always but… I’m excited how God allowed this to unfold for me…I’m glad that I’m in love with what I do because in reality most days it’s really not work…I love what I do!


Elementary school found me with a Fisher Price blue and yellow film camera….  On vacations I was given one roll of film, that’s it.…I chose carefully what the “perfect” images were going to be.

As a teen I was stealing my mom’s point and shoot 35mm camera every chance I could get.  At the same time watching my brother with his new film SLR camera and quite jealous of the images he was taking on vacations.

During high school I purchased my first film SLR camera and shooting pretty much…everything!  No for real…the kids I babysat, flowers, anything outside, friends and vacations.

Then I purchased my first point and shoot digital camera.  I thought I had really arrived.  Look out world if you were in my way I was taking your picture!!!!!

I then stepped up and purchased my first digital SLR.  This was serious, I felt like a grown up… I could change my lenses out.  In reality I had no clue what I was doing, I was over the top and clueless.

I found myself flying out to Olympia Washington for a weeklong photography workshop.  Learning composition, shooting in manual mode, lighting and what my camera could do for me.


This turned into friends knowing I was on this venture as a hobby, which turned into these friends becoming clients.  My first job was a wedding…yes, I had no clue what I was in for…I had no clue what I was doing although I researched and talked to as many photographers as I could before this big day.  Folks this was before the days of pinterest!!!

It’s been roughly 6 years, 3 internships, many hours of reading and shooting, teaching over 100+ photographers, mentoring/coaching  15+ photographers in their businesses and I don’t even know how many family and senior sessions I have shot… and oh about 834 lessons learned since the start…it’s still only the beginning!

I still feel like a newbie some days…yet I’m so grateful for this journey God has led me on.  I’ve met some incredible people and been to some amazing places, God’s been good!

I hope you’ll allow me to be a part of your story in capturing your memories.

Erin ~