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amber [the.MENTOR.sessions]

****Drum Roll…****

I am pleased to introduce to you a mentee…a student…a fellow photographer…a friend.  I initially met Amber through Facebook because she was signed up for the.ONE DAY.workshop 1.  Then the day came when I met Amber in person…I immediately knew that she had a giving spirit and a happy spot in life.  We had a great time during the workshop getting to know one another…she quickly signed up for the.ONE DAY.workshop 2 and even provided her amazing niece to be our super cute model for the day!  Over the last couple of months it’s been a great journey through teaching Amber to start her business from the ground up!  She didn’t have anything in place…now to see it all coming together for her!  Wow, I love it!!!!  No only has it been so fun getting to know Amber through the.MENTOR.sessions but as a friend.  I am blessed!

Now here is a little bit of her perspective of her journey in the photography world!  Enjoy!

PIN THIS[Amber and I at the.ONE DAY.workshop 1 thanks to instagram]

I believe I have always had a love of photography ever since I was a little girl.  I always wanted to grab everyone’s camera and take pictures.  I quickly became the DPT (designated picture taker).  I was the editor of our Junior High yearbook and also my senior year in High School.  I didn’t really ‘grasp’ that love until I took some bridal pictures of my best friend, Chrystal.  I soon became her ‘personal photographer’.  So much so that at parties everyone thought I was her photographer and had no clue I was her best friend.  Ha!   

I bought my first DSLR in 2005 and was hired to shoot a wedding right after I got it.   Talk about nerve racking.  I had bought about 20 rolls of film in preparation and brought the DSLR just in case (and I didn’t have a clue how to use it besides the ‘on’ button).  I had never used a digital point and shoot.   Well, right when I arrived I realized my 35mm camera was broke!!!  So, the whole wedding was shot with my brand new DSLR I had no practice with.  Yeah…fun.   And so started my voyage into the digital age.

I’ve taken so many pictures of my nieces and nephews and friend’s families but I’ve never really felt worthy of calling myself a ‘photographer’.  Nikki Spreen, recommended Erin’s workshops to me and I figured, ‘I’ll give it a try’.  I learned SO much and Erin is SUCH a wonderful teacher.  I have now taken day one and day two of Erin’s workshops and I was fortunate enough to be chosen into the.MENTOR.sessions.  I am also very blessed to say that Erin quickly went from teacher/mentor to friend.  I am so grateful to be part of this amazing opportunity.

 The best part for me in the.MENTOR.sessions so far has been learning about myself, not just how to start or maintain a business.  In photography, a successful business means creating relationships with your clients and to do that, I need to know who I am first.   

Photography to me is about bringing out the best in people by captivating their smiles and their personalities.  Capturing moments that will be gone forever and by having the client walk away happy.

 I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m good, but it’s quite different hearing it from loved ones and from those that are unbiased.  My totally amazing husband, Michael, is my biggest cheerleader and is followed closely by my best friend, Chrystal.  They, along with other family members and friends, push me to believe in myself.  So….here I go.  Here’s to accomplishing my dream and to believing I can be worthy of the ‘photographer’ title.  Wish me luck!


[Amber working hard and learning all kinds of amazing-ness at the.ONE DAY.workshop 2]

  • Linda Bogolin - So very proud of you Amber!!

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