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blessings []

I had to blog….I think this makes two in a row that are “personal” posts…this might just be a record!  Which I don’t suppose is a bad thing and I really don’t expect you to read this…sometimes I just like to use my blog as a journal so I can look back on it down the road and remember life.

This week has been one incredible and life changing week in my life…we’ve had a missions conference at my church and I love missions and ministry work and seeing what the Lord is doing across the world in missions and what I can do here in my small town just excites me!  At the same time it has been beyond crazy busy.  A good crazy busy by all means…just exhausting.  I’m not complaining and would have it no other way!!!  To tell you how crazy…there were two mornings I didn’t even grab a cup of coffee! neverheardofinmyworld

This morning I woke up to my alarm going off, which is rare in my books… I’m usually up before it goes off– if I even set it!  I got dressed up to meet up with a sweet friend and her family that have been in town this week…we went and took pictures of her family and since she is a fellow photographer she in turn took some new head shots of me…as we said our goodbyes she handed me a pretty little red bag…I found a sweet hand-written note along with some European chocolate…wow sooooo yummy!  I’m tempted not to share it but I think it’s a must that I share it so I don’t eat it all!!!!  All I could think was how blessed I am to have such sweet friends in my life!  God is so good!!!


 I had an unexpected but welcomed break from work this afternoon so I went to get the mail…As I opened a few fun christmas cards from clients I was thrilled.  There is nothing like seeing your work used for cards that your clients are sending to their family and friends!


As my heart was already overwhelmed and thrilled I opened up a little package…pulled out a christmas card from one of my mentee’s…along with a hand-written note!  [if you haven’t figured out a simple hand-written note is one of my favorite things!]  A simple thank you for making an investment in her and her life just makes me smile and knowing that I have made an impact on someone.  Isn’t this what it’s about?  This just totally made my day…as I opened up the small box with a beautiful pearl bracelet I was shocked and beyond thrilled.  [pearls are one of my absolute favorites…oh my friends know me all too well!]


 As I sat for a minute and reflected on the blessings in my life…I’m so undeserving! God is so good and I have nothing to complain about…EVER!  

To top my day off…I opened up my facebook for the first time today and I had a message…another blessing…another thrill…another moment when my heart was overwhelmed…it looks like I’m going to be able to knock off a goal on my business list for 2013 a lot sooner than I thought…infact when I wrote this goal on my list [yes I’m ahead on the goal list for 2013] I really didn’t know if it would come to pass this coming year or not…it seems like the Lord has answered a prayer…more details coming…but I’m so blessed and my heart is overwhelmed.   Yes the two theme words for this blog…blessed and overwhelmed!!!!

All of that to say after such a “long” wonderful week…I’m simply reminded how good God is to me and how blessed I am with such amazing friends and family!

  • Kathy - I am rejoicing with you sweet Erin!

    May God continue to bless your efforts as you give of yourself and as you seek Him in the years to come!

    To God be the glory!

  • Amber E. - You are an EXTREMELY deserving person. God has put a light in you that shines through where each of us can see it. So glad you’re a part of my life, as I am 110% sure that others are too!

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