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camera tip [photography]

This is simply an image from my i-phone I took during a teaching session with the ah-mazing, Katey.

As we were looking at different functions on her camera I was playing around with her Canon T2i with the 18-55mm kit lens. We were playing with aperture and focus points and tricking your camera to get close to an object and staying in focus without having to crop the image later…I always say “don’t shoot to crop”. Just my motto…and yes…exceptions prove the rule!
As I looked over this image I thought it would be a good example to show you a trick with your camera. I actually get asked this question alot…”How do I get my subject to appear larger than it really is?” First fill your frame with the subject, but in order to have the human eye see the image larger than “reality” you must have something in the frame to compare it to.  This is called “foreshortening” …and is a characteristic of a wide angle optic- being that the object closest to the lens will appear larger.  Therefore the wider the lens the great the effect…which means it’s more dramatic.
So below… my subject is…the PJ’s coffee cup…I am comparing it to the MacBook Pro which looks “normal” in size. Take your widest angle lens you have (the lower the number the wider the angle) and get as close to the subject as you can, all while keeping it in focus. This makes for fun images, neat perspectives and throws a little creativity in there. We know that my PJ’s cup is not larger than my MacBook Pro but it sure makes a fun image and tells a story!


I hope this was an easy tip or rather trick for you. Play around and have some fun…then report back to me and let me know how your images are turning out!!

  • Katey - Great little tip! Going to try it this week. Can’t wait until next Wednesday for some more fun with photography!! Have a great weekend Erin!

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