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A little something personal |our simple life

Yes.  I’ve been MIA. BUT.  well I guess there is no reason to give an excuse…none will suffice but at the

Influencing more than 110+ lives- with purpose

As my mister and I lay in bed last night…lights out after a long day of us both working…company over for a quick dinner

Celebrating 1 Year of Marriage

As we approached our first wedding anniversary I wanted to capture some portraits of the two of us.  I had had my eye

Mulberry Tree in our lives

How is it…that early morning thoughts are the best?  This was not my planned blog post for today…I had more of a

these days | our simple life

*warning* this is a boring post…no picture…and ramblings—read at your own risk     these days. these

Our Simple Life | Bar Harbor Maine

If you’ve missed the first of our trip…check out these posts and travel with us from Maine to Canada back to

Prince Edward Island Canada Day 3 | Our Simple Life

I’m so happy you have come along for the last part of our trip in Prince Edward Island Canada also known as

Our Top 5 Lighthouses to Tour | Prince Edward Island

Our Simple Life Prince Edward Island Day 2 Our top 5 Lighthouses to Tour This blog post really isn’t for any of