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Celebrating 1 Year of Marriage

As we approached our first wedding anniversary I wanted to capture some portraits of the two of us.  I had had my eye on this little grove area around the corner from our house where an abandoned house has been.  So we decided to do a mini session and capture some smiles as we celebrated one year together.  I c.a.n.n.o.t. decide which one I want to print as my large print for our walls…I’ve written more about this at the bottom of this post…trying to recruit some help on that one!

How can it already be a year?  365 days…8765.81 hours…525,949 minutes…12 months…52 weeks…It just doesn’t seem possible…yet in some ways it does seem possible.  It can’t have really been a year since I walked down the aisle and couldn’t wait to see Bern standing there…it couldn’t possibly be a year since we said I do and had our first kiss…it can’t be possible…but it is.  I think it’s flown by so fast because it’s been such a year full of blessings and dreams come true.  Even dreams I never knew I dreamed have come true…that sounds like I’m talking as if I’m Cinderella or something…weird…but it’s true…there have been days I just stand in awe of what God has done in our lives…He has worked out so many details I never would have even thought about, yet all in His perfect timing.

When I look back over our year…the laughs we’ve had, the smiles that simply say I love you, the times we’ve traveled to so many new places and explored together…oh and our date nights each week…nothing fancy just being intentional with setting aside time out of our crazy busy lives to invest in each other and our marriage…the times of growing together and learning more about each other and how we “tick”.  How about sticking to our budget for an entire year and making it happen…dropping little “thinking of you” notes in his lunch from time to time…washing clothes- keeping a clean house- cooking meals as a way of serving my husband and our “family”.  Having others into our home and learning to be hospitable…stretching and sacrificing ourselves to give more to missions and others…Keeping our focus on what really matters and desiring to have a home that glorifies the Lord. Realizing that there are only two of us eating dinner and I don’t have to cook like I’m feeding an army…I’ve learned to “downsize” my cooking this year so we aren’t eating the same meal for what seems like two weeks straight!!!!  I could go on and on…no seriously I could…but I’d bore you out of your mind…so I’ll escape from that.

It seemed like all day this past Saturday was our anniversary…when in real life it was really on Sunday.  Just the nature of the first year…since we got married on a Saturday…this year on Saturday seemed like the day we should celebrate.  Nope Sunday was the day we were supposed to celebrate.  So we decided to just celebrate all weekend…why not go big, right?  Our original plan was of course to travel somewhere…well we decided to opt out of that due to some other decisions in the making…instead we got some things done around the house and spent some intentional time together.

Around 12am on Saturday night or rather Sunday morning…take your pick… we decided we should break out the anniversary cake from our wedding.  It was just as good as we remembered it a year ago!!!!!  Since it was finally Sunday, our anniversary, we decided to go ahead and exchange our gifts.  Why not…So at midnight we’re eating cake and opening gifts!  I couldn’t think of a better way to end our first year and begin our second year together!  We both decided we wanted to follow the traditional anniversary gifts from year to year…this year was paper.  You can get pretty creative if you put some time and thought into it!   Sunday after church we went out for lunch…dropped in a few stores for some tool shopping and then I got some Target therapy!  Followed by our favorite fall coffee a Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks…wrapping up the afternoon with spilling our hearts out to each other about life, our future and our dreams.  Then ended the day back at church followed by pancakes at my parents.  We even hauled our wedding cake over to share…if we ate it all…well…next time you see us you’d see that we ate it all…that’s not how we want to grow together this year!  *smile*  Our family sure appreciated that!

We wrapped up the holiday weekend of celebrating with a trip for some yummy wood fired oven pizza at Bianchi’s and then topped it off with gelato.  As we then found our way to the coffee shop…to sit together and do some work for the week ahead.  What a day…What a weekend…all to celebrate our first year of marriage that has been beyond amazing, wonderful, incredible, happy, fulfilling and really there is no real word to sum up how amazing it’s been.  I’ll not even try…….

Here’s to celebrating Year #2 (and Lord willing many many more to follow!!!!)


Now I need your help!

I can’t decide which is my favorite image to print in a large print for our walls?!?!?!?  If you would be so kind and give me your input, I’d gladly appreciate it as I can’t decide…well maybe I am just a little bias!!!!!

Just comment with your vote!!!!!  *Smile*

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  • AndrewandKelly Weston - They’re all super sweet! I think my favorite for some reason is the one with you holding hands side-by-side. And the black and white of you looking at Bern. There’s my vote, er votes!

  • Kathy DeRocha Guillot - Great pics. I think my fav is 1st pic on right. You’re looking at Bern. Black & white.

  • Robin Gittinger - Print them ALL, put one on every wall. Lol!!
    Beautiful pictures. Good luck. I love them all. 🙂

  • Amber - Top B&Ws or the big one where it is both of you facing the camera with his arms wrapped around you. Love them! Y’all are sooooo adorable!

  • Kristal Thatcher Beachy - I like the 6th one from the top with him hugging you from behind, in color. Love the colors in them!

  • Vicki McGlothlan Custer - #12 is my favorite…but they are ALL so good!!!!

  • Rebekah - Congrats, Erin and Bern!!
    My vote is for the second one. 🙂

  • Connie Camp Chester - The one of you two walking hand in hand with the sun at your backs. Maybe in black and white?

  • Shannon Berry Michel - Definitely the black and white of you smiling at Bern and him smiling at camera!

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