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christy [the.MENTOR.sessions]

Over the next couple of weeks I will be introducing you to each of my mentee’s from the.MENTOR.sessions this fall.

First up is Christy…I met Christy for the first time at the.ONE DAY.workshop 1 last fall!  I knew right away that we would hit it off…she is out-going, friendly, teachable and loves life!

During these first three weeks as her mentor, I can truly say she has a desire to grow as a person and as a photographer.  She is eager to learn and soak it all in…here is a little side note…anytime we as a person s.e.e. our weaknesses and are willing to strive to overcome them, I can truly say that’s character, motivation and a true leader.  This is exactly what I see in Christy…and these are just a few of the qualities I have seen and know about Christy.  I’m excited to see her growth and where this journey is going to take her and her business!

Here is a little bio right from Christy:

My love for photography began long before I was old enough to really understand it. I didn’t begin my journey as a photographer until a little over two years ago and I have a wonderful friend, Nikki Spreen, to thank for it. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thanks to her, I found Erin Rachel! I consider myself to be a life long learner and it has been through Erin’s the.ONE DAY.workshop and the beginning of a wonderful mentor-ship with her, that I am beginning to feel confidence in myself behind the camera. I still have so much to learn, but what I have learned in a short time with her has been extremely valuable. I am beginning to see what it means to have a vision and taking the time to set goals so that my vision becomes a reality.

I am an educator full time, so photography is a hobby for me. I value the relationships I have with family and friends. I love the beach, LSU, and the color orange. My motto and life long philosophy is every little thing is going to be alright.

 and….I did forget to say I am wife to a wonderful husband, Steve and mom to two precious sugarbees, Anne Elizabeth, 8 and Bruner, 6.



Sugarbee Photographee

  • Amber - Awesome! I met Erin through Nikki too.:)

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