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direct sun light [photography]

Who said you couldn’t embrace direct sunlight?  Sure you can!  Do I shoot in it often?  Well of course not…I always look for open shade but I like the challenge of shooting in direct sunlight.  There are times I have no choice…and I always like it!


A few things to be mindful if you take on the challenge…

1:: to avoid heavy shadows have them face the sun directly…when the sun is at high noon it will create way too many shadows on their faces…like so…I avoided squinty eyes how??? well yeh you guessed it he had his sunglasses on!  So you could have them look towards the sun and close their eyes and create emotion!  Remember if they are looking towards the sun, the sun is behind your back!

2:: As you can see it can be fun…because as the sun is setting you can get some fun shadows!  If you’re in the shade you aren’t going to get that…right?!?!

3:: If you shoot into the sun you can get some awesome deep blue skies

4:: Last but not least…have fun and experiment…it’s fun! PIN THIS



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