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Mulberry Tree in our lives

How is it…that early morning thoughts are the best?  This was not my planned blog post for today…I had more of a business post ready and thought out…yet I feel like it’s ok to change that track every once in awhile…hope you all are ok with that…because that’s what’s happening!

I’m not saying I have them every morning…I’m NOT implying that I am a morning person.  Honestly I’m not.  I make myself…but I’m not.  Yet somehow when these thoughts do occur in the early morning…they are intriguing to me.  Maybe not to you…but me…yet I feel like sharing them…I’m sharing what I wrote down in my journal this morning.

The sun is just coming up…it’s still dusk outside…coffee is already made and the mister is ready to head out the door with breakfast, coffee and lunch to go.  It’s quiet…no one is stirring.  My coffee is already getting luke warm but there is still nothing like coffee in your hand…with drips down the side and fingers through the handle….while my lap is warm from my bible and I’m spending time in His word.  I’m not saying that to be showy…to say I’m something…to say I’m perfect…

I’m in my morning devotion…which I try to do every morning…when I’m in my routine it’s so much easier to get it done…when I’m out of whack with the routine, honestly…it gets pushed to the side and gets done much later in the day…I don’t like later…I like earlier.  It seems I can focus better BEFORE my day starts…with the text not coming in, no email reading and responding…yet, the side tracking of social media…or cleaning the dirty dishes in the sink.  Whatever it is…morning thoughts are the best…they are clear and undistracted.

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As my devotions have  me in 1 Chronicles right now…it seems the first 14 chapters have been nothing more than names that I can’t pronounce…are you with me?  Do you get what I’m saying?  Yet what keeps ringing in my head is my pastor during his preaching- saying God put those names in His word for a reason…and wouldn’t you like your name to be written down in a perfect book…wouldn’t you be aggravated if everyone skipped over your name?  TRUTH!!!!!!  Lets be honest…he’s right!!!  Soooo I plunged through all of those half -mis- pronounced names…and landed this morning in chapter 14 of 1 Chronicles.  Verse 14 is what jumped out at me…mulberry trees.  David enquired of the Lord and God uses a mulberry tree as his sign of when and what to do.  It seems like what jumped out at me…was really this—

oh wow the things God uses…and we at times doubt His love and concern for our lives…or wonder if He remembers us…or hello! You know that prayer request we’ve been praying for for months now…has HE forgotten?  NO NO NO!  He wants a relationship with his children…not a once a week go to church relationship…a daily relationship.  He wants to show us his love and concern in our lives…and He does.  Yet how often do we over look it in the small things… like a mulberry tree?

Then David goes on in the chapter…and now he is writing his first psalm…might we say song… to the Lord.  If you read it…it’s beautiful…the thing David is doing is thanking the Lord.  Did you get that…thanking the Lord.  In one way he’s thankful for many things…but I take it back to he’s really thankful where it started with God answering his request…through a mulberry tree.

I’m reminded of the song: Blessings by Laura Story

We pray for blessings
We pray for peace
Comfort for family protection while we sleep
We pray for healing
For prosperity
We pray for your Might Hand to ease our suffering
All the while you hear each spoken need
Yet love is way too much to give us lesser things

Cause what if your blessings come through rain drops
What if your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you’re near
What if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise


My question and challenge to you today is…find the mulberry tree God has given you today…then thank HIM for it.  I have a feeling it will put a smile on God’s face.

Will you take this challenge with me?


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