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four years ago []

four years ago today, September 20, 2009…it was a rainy Saturday and I was beyond excited…but at the same time scared to death!  please tell me i’m not the only one that has ever felt this way…have you ever felt that way…a way you really can’t decide what you’re feeling…yeh well it was that kind of day for me.

i had my canon rebel in hand, had just purchased the canon 70-200mm 2.8 lens because i had been reading up like crazy on what i needed to shoot with…every wedding photogapher had this lens so i figured it was a must for me too.  i had no flash…just my canon rebel, kit lens (18-55mm) and my big 70-200 mm lens.  it’s the lens everyone looks at you like whoa girl…what are you actually seeing when you look through that baby!!!!

my brother in laws sister was getting married…she had asked me to shoot her wedding…what she didn’t understand was i had never done this…i had no clue what i was doing…i tried to talk her out of it…i reassured her i had no clue…yet at the same time she reassured me she wanted me to shoot her wedding…little did i know her wedding would be what began my photography business.  three months before her wedding i had taken a week long class out in washington state in the capitol, olympia.  that’s all i had ever done…i had never been paid for a session…actually had never shot a session…you know most start out with a family session or a newborn session…oh no! i started with a bang!…i had only just snap shots and documenting my life…that’s all…honestly that’s all.  looking back…i’m shocked…and when i tell other photographer friends this, they look at my like i’m nuts…”soooo your first “shoot” was a wedding?!?!?!”–yes it was!

what i do love is that four years ago i had no clue where i would be now i was just along for the journey, enjoying the ride.  the places it’s taken me…the friends i’ve met…the relationships i’ve built…the experiences…and the lessons i’ve learned…those are all what makes this journey amazing…it makes it worth every second.  i’m so thankful the Lord chose this path for me…i love what HE allows me to do.

i wouldn’t be able to wrap this blog post up without saying a h.u.g.e.  heart felt THANK YOU to all of my amazing clients…my friends and most of all my family for their support through these four years.  i am truly blessed by you all!  I can’t wait to see what this next year holds!

ps this is just one image from my first “shoot”…

Happy Anniversary you two!  Thank you for having confidence in me to capture your special day!


  • Kathy - I love that God has a plan and a purpose for each of us! Finding our way as we seek Him is such a THRILL! So many emotions bottled up in that thrill though!

    You are such a light. Your love of life and God and others reflects in your words and your photographs!

  • Aunt Gwen - Erin, Beautiful 1st shoot, and you are a Beautiful girl, congrats on your success, and thank God for His plan.

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