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give depth to your image {landscape}

Over the past couple of weeks I have been sooooo beyond busy
that I haven’t really had time to edit all of my images from my
Yosemite, CA trip…that’s why you are getting to see
a picture here and a picture there!!! So I hope you are enjoying it!

On this particular day we were hiking by the Merced River in Yosemite
and we walked up on a section where…It was quite a site! We had gone
from everything being brown and spotted with snow to this
vibrant green moss covering these rocks…
not just one rock, it was rock after rock!  So when you see that
you pretty much drop your equipment and start shooting like crazy!
Then you stop and say…wait a minute how do I really capture this green moss
without my image being a big green blob of moss…so as I sat and thought about my
perspective…I wanted to give depth to the image…and I was
pretty thrilled with the outcome! To me it is a lot more interesting
than just an image full of green!!! Depth creates
interest in any image and is pleasing to the eye.
Next time you are out shooting think about how you can give
depth to your image…either foreground or background!

So next time you are shooting a subject and you aren’t
too sure how to capture it…just take your finger o.f.f. of the
shutter, sit back and think before you shoot. You might
just be surprised at your outcome…I think in the digital age we
live in, we get shutter happy and our images really don’t come
out looking like much of anything…but if we would just stop…
think…then shoot you might just have one happy image instead of
52 gazillion of blah!!!

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  • Maggie - Amen! I Definitely agree! That has been one of my most recent photography goals: Think more before pressing the shutter!!

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