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God delights in you {}

My second full day at Yosemite, CA I was a little more “with it”
and into things. After traveling the day before and getting into
San Francisco super late… then getting to bed at 2:30am my body
time only to wake up early for a three hour drive into Yosemite National
Park. Then we pretty much didn’t stop running and going until late that night.
Eh…who needs sleep…right? I mean after all it is over-rated!!
Well so some say…that has never been my moto and I don’t think
it ever will!! I need my sleep!!!!!!!!!

On my first trip centered around landscape photography,
I learned one valuable lesson, you can’t
plan anything around a time frame. Why? Because you never know
what the weather will be like or for that fact you never know
what it will do! For those that know me personally…
um that’s a big stretch for me who likes to know and have
everything planned…yep I can be OCD…oh well!
So since we rolled with the
punches on this trip, the Lord blessed us with some
amazing photo opts! We had clear skies one night to do some
night shooting, blue skies and sunshine, clouds, sunsets,
rainbows, snow, cold days, warm days and many good memories
where we could see the Lord watching out for us and giving
us some amazing details on our trip!

I think that fits hand in hand with the devotion we did as a group
that morning…one of the thoughts was to not plow through
the day and miss what God had for us. Sometimes you
can get so wrapped up in getting to the next place,
going here or going there that you don’t take the time
to soak in the beauty God has surrounded you with and enjoy
that. He delights in us and he delights in blessing His children
with good things. Sometimes it’s the fact that we don’t slow down
and enjoy what he has given us to delight in!

So enjoy a little trip through my second day at Yosemite and a few highlights
and the beauty God surrounded me with.
I am thankful for the details and beauty he gives us!


Image one:: Yosemite Valley as the sun is setting undefinedPIN THIS

Image two:: Yosemite Valley the same place as above
just a closer view and more color from the sun setting on the mountains around us!

undefinedPIN THIS

Image three:: Yosemite Falls

undefinedPIN THIS

Image four.five:: Bridal Veil Falls

undefinedPIN THIS undefinedPIN THIS

Image six:: Tunnel View with Half Dome and El Capitan as the sun is setting

undefinedPIN THIS

Image seven:: Tunnel View withHalf Dome and El Capitan around 11pm at night.

undefinedPIN THIS

  • J. Anantharaj - GORGEOUS pics Erin, love them all! THANKS for sharing!!!!

  • bettye gray - You make such beautiful pictures Erin. I love seeing all and especialy keeping up with the family thru pictures. Thanks.

  • Sherry Varquez - I love your pictures! Came across your old blogspot account and I was at awe. Really good!

  • Jamey - BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love them!

  • Erin Rachel - Aw thanks Sherry that’s so sweet! I hope you enjoy:-)

  • Aaron - Really good on all of these. I like those rainbows and looks like several shooting stars in the last shot.

  • Lacy - Oh, wow! Awesome pictures! They are beautiful!!

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