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Happy Father’s Day []

Happy Father’s Day!!
Yes I bought a card this past week…but I forgot to write on it…after telling my dad “Happy Father’s Day” this morning while drinking coffee…I was like “oh yeh I did buy a card…I guess I should write and give it to him!!”…so I ran upstairs-found the card—wrote—sealed—signed my name on the front—ran downstairs—and slid it on his desk…I did more than just sign my name…I told my dad my heart that was full of thankfulness for him…I tend to be an OCD organized last minute type of person lately…so he has his card…well His gift has been in my mind and I have yet to order it…I’m weird…oh well he gets to enjoy Father’s Day longer than just one day…I’m good like that!!! haha
Well I have to say I have the best dad in the world! Isn’t that what we all say…but I think in our hearts it’s really true. God has placed the Dad into our lives that He saw fit to give us…it’s something we can never change and I don’t think my heavenly Father makes mistakes… My dad is the one who has played a huge roll in my life in raising me, training me, nurturing me and leading me. He has had such an influence on my life…Thankful to the Lord placing him in my life…I’m thankful for that. There are so many children that grow up with out a dad in the home…without a dad that loved them…without a dad to call for advice…without a dad to just talk to…without a dad who cared about them…without a dad that put curfews on them haha…without a dad that was interested in their life…without a dad. I am thankful I can call my dad…Dad.  Most of all I am thankful for a dad that taught me about the free gift of eternal life that my heavenly Father gave me…I now have hope everlasting that I am a Child of the King’s and one day when I pass from this life to the next I have a mansion waiting for me in heaven…an eternity to spend with my Heavenly Father…Thank you Daddy!  I love you!

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