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happy weekend {}

A little bit of {n.o.t.h.i.n.g.} is on the agenda for today!

First…it’s the first Saturday OFF in I can’t tell you how long!

Second…I am exhausted after this past week of teaching a music class to a group of college students. I enjoyed every second… but 6am to midnight five days in a row pretty much kills me. The END! I got up running…well not literally just hitting the floor going non-stop…getting dressed… heading to PJ’s Coffee…sitting in peace and quiet for two hours enjoying every drop of my decaf coffee..Yes I can’t do caffeine…I will be bouncing off the walls and hyper…can’t do it…just can’t. PJ’s was my place of refuge! haha Just quietness…alone…my bible…and refreshing my mind for each day. I would arrive at the school for 9am-ish…start teaching at 9:30—talk non-stop until at least 4:30-ish each day…then head to the girls dorm to have dinner and answer more questions…by this time my mind was nothing but mush! Literally…such a weird feeling!!!  I loved it though…I wouldn’t trade this past week…teaching others is a passion of mine!  Some people don’t understand why I love it but all I can explain is that it’s a God given desire and passion!

Yesterday I wrapped up the week with a final exam for the students…had a fun photo session with a friend…headed home…stopped for a lime-ade from Sonic (oh the small things in life that make you happy!!!) …then I was HOME!…unloaded my massive amount of teaching materials…set my alarm for an hour nap…crashed…woke up to my sweet little iPhone waking me up…got dressed…headed out to “bowling and burgers” with my girls bible study I’m leading at my church…had a blast…but I don’t think I’ve missed my calling in life to be a professional bowler…just sayin’! The gutters were my friend half of the time…as well as bowling “granny” style! haha…but somehow I managed to be second place on one game and third on the other…how that happened I can’t figure out!!

Happy Weekend!

Enjoy a little fisheye fun!!  Loving my new fisheye lens!


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