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hello 2014 []

My theme verse for 2013 [last years post here] was::  1 Samuel 12:24 “Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things He hath done for you.”  As I reflect on that I’m amazed at God’s faithfulness…as I write in my journal today…I simply stated that what the Lord has done for us in 2013 cannot be penned…it leaves me truly speechless!

As I write in my journal for the coming year the verse that came to me this morning during our devotion time is: Psalms 147:5 Great is our Lord and of great power his understanding is infinite.”  I had been praying that the Lord would show me a theme verse for the coming year in my personal life…up until today I was beginning to wonder if He would give me one…and He did! Infinite is what stood out to me… that is one of the many many many words describing how “Great is our Lord”.  I looked up the word infinite and it means// limitless or endless in space, extent or size; impossible to measure or calculate.  How true that is for God…yet so true my mind cannot even fathom it or truly understand it…because I’m not God…I’m not infinite.  I am excited, though, to see how God will show himself infinite [limitless or impossible to measure] in our lives this coming year!

well moving on to a bit of yesterday and today combined…. [honestly I started this yesterday and didn’t finish it!!! oops!]

//new years eve was spent eating hot-dogs and homemade french fries with my parents.  I’m perfectly fine with a rainy-cold-stay-in night for New Years Eve!

//then sitting down to read some of our letters from a year ago.

//the end of 2013 is bittersweet because it’s been a blissful and amazing as well as a thousand times better for what i could have ever dreamed for the year.

//over the last couple of days there have been a lot of conversations about this past year.

//as i sit and reflect on the past year i’m amazed…amazed at the Lord.

//i re-read my written goals for 2013. these goals were written before i knew what this past year would hold.

//many 2013 goals were not met.

//many 2013 goals were met.

//some 2013 goals were half-way met.

//some 2013 goals i didn’t even touch with a ten-foot-pole.

I believe in setting goals and having visions in your life to go somewhere.  Not in my own will or strength but as a christian I firmly believe in doing all things through Christ’s strength.  If it’s not through Christ it’s all in vain then the glory is for self, not for Christ’s glory.  I’ll share a few goals I did accomplish and a few I didn’t.

Here are a few goals I’ll share that I have written down for [personal] 2014:

1) Read a book a month– I am not a huge reader unless it really interests me so this is one I would like to accomplish [seeing last year I set out with this goal and didn’t accomplish it]

2) Media Fast one day a week.  This one maybe easier than I think!

3) Stay on top of my personal editing!  Oh dear this is one I really need to accomplish!

Here are a few goals, looking back, that I d.i.d. n.o.t. accomplish in 2013

1) Journal 2-3 times a week.  Hence this is written down again for 2014!!

2) Travel in the fall to a place full of color! One day…one day I will accomplish this one!

3) Run 3 races. I started slacking on my running this year…switched to walking and exercising for longer periods at a time.

Here are a few goals I DID Accomplish this past year!!!

1) Gave more to missions this past year than I have in the past.  

2) Met Dave Ramsey in person and had him sign my favorite book of his!

3) Traveled to 2 new places!  My goal was at least two new places and I well exceeded the [2].  For which I am excited about!

I make a goals list for my personal life, businesses, spiritual and relationships.  Andddddd [pause while I smile from ear to ear] adding a new list a wife goals list!  Woot-woot!!   If you read statistics on how many make “New Years Resolutions” it’s astounding to then see the statistics of those who only attempt the first two weeks of the year…and how many never even accomplish one goal.  Have you seen the top ten New Years Resolutions?  You should google it…

If you don’t have a plan of where you are headed, you’ll never get there.  Its easy to dream…it’s easy to get side-tracked…it’s easy to want to over achieve…it’s easy to do those things.  When it comes down to the ‘do’ that’s where the rubber-meets-the-road.

Have written goals but write down ways in which you will accomplish those goals…the more detailed the BETTER!

Looking forward to seeing how the Lord writes the next 365 days of our lives…

Ecclesiastes 7:8a  “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof”.


Best of 2014 to each of you…There are times I wish I could truly know who “each of you” is.  I would love to hear from some of my blog readers from time to time…if you have a minute drop me a line and let me know who YOU are!!!!!!


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