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instagram [tips]

If you have been following me for any length of time you have picked up on the fact that over the last couple of months I love a little app called .  For those of you who might not know about instagram…it’s been an app only created for iPhone users to share photo images…but you don’t have to worry if you’re an android user they have just launched your app so if you haven’t downloaded it hop over and grab it!  Anyway it’s a little social networking place kind of like twitter except using images which I like w.a.y. better…I don’t know why though…[sarcasm right there].

You are probably wondering why in the world I am even writing  an entire blog post about instagram…silly isn’t it?  Well over the past week I have had multiple people ask me how to use instagram and why!   So here goes a quick little how to or rather tips from the world of  “Erin Rachel Photography”… if you have others I didn’t share please comment and share!!!  I want to know!!!!!

T i p #  1 – Double click an image to “like it”

T i p # 2 – The LUX button at the bottom left hand corner will brighten up an underexposed image

T i p # 3 – Turn borders on and off with the top left frame button.

T i p # 4 – Click through your filters to see how it enhances your image and choose which one you love.  If you try a filter and don’t like it, it’s not there to stay unless you click save so don’t worry!!

T i p # 5 – Click the raindrop on the top right to use tilt-shift focus on the image.  It will allow you to tap your image that you want to keep in focus and allow the rest of the image to be slightly blurry.

T i p # 6 – Use your phone’s camera to take your photos then upload them to instagram.  It gives you more control over your composition and it’s faster on the “shutter speed”.


T i p # 7 You can then “save” (using the check mark below the image) your photo, write a caption and share it on other social networking sites of your choice.  Then press “done” at the top right corner and it will save to instagram and to your phone camera!


T i p # 8 – Once your photo is published, click the three dots at the bottom right to delete it, share it, copy the photo’s URL or to email someone you photo.



T i p # 9 – Respond to any comments under your photo by holding down’ the user’s name.  You can mention the user or it will take you to their profile, by doing this they’ll get a notification you’ve replied.


T i p # 10 – Use hashtags ( # ) in your caption to group it with other photos, like photo a day.  Try not to use too many hashtags that it decreases the engagement around your photo.

T i p # 11 – Want to be creative? Cross process and boost the image with two different apps to process your picture.

T i p # 12 – Find friends and start following.  Take photos, experiment, be consistent, post often, leave comments and have fun!

T i p # 13 – Want to put a filter over your photos, save them but not wanting to publish it to your instagram feed?  Put your phone in “airplane mode” and load your photos as you normally would.  Your photos will be saved to your camera roll and not placed on your feed!

T i p # 14 – Use PicFrame app to collage several images together

T i p # 15 and final tip – pick your favorites and get them printed via the postalpix app

find me and follow me erin_rachel  I will be sure to follow you!


  • Katey - Hey Erin, I was wondering. How did you, on the last instagram post, put all the pictures together like a collage…?? Thanks!

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