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It’s Awesome when God confirms himself in my life

It’s an awesome feeling when God confirms himself in my life…yet again!

pause this thought for a minute while I ramble….

This past week was our churches annual VBS.  This was my third year as director and organizing this “kids revival” as we call it!  This year was just a little different though.  What was different?  It’s the first year I led as a married girl…I had my mister with me the entire week…and entire weeks leading up to it.  There is no better feeling than having your best friend along for the ride with you and encouraging you and helping you the entire time!

God confirmed it in “Incrediworld”- our VBS theme this year was Creation and our Creator…teaching these children to see through “Bible Glasses” and God’s view…not believing the so-called-scientists who teach evolution and that man evolved…or we are here and the world happened from a bang…sorry folks- that’s not truth.  We had a blast teaching them…I had a blast teaching alongside my mister…my brother…my sister-in-law…my sister…my brother-in-law and my parents…yes that’s a blessing!

Ok…back from rambling and to our topic!

Might I say…there has not been one day that’s gone by in the last nine months that I have questioned God in who He gave me with a husband…nor one day that has gone by when I have questioned God with what He gave me in a husband.  It just seems like the Lord continually confirms for me….


On Monday night as we stepped on stage to kick off the entire week…I had an overwhelming feeling of God’s confirmation in my life!  As Bern led with me I was yet in awe of what God has done in my life.  We led in songs together and acted goofy on stage- just to hear the kids laugh and see them having a grand time… I sat back and got to watch him lead as the game leader and invest his time into these children…I even sat on the pews a few nights and watched as he acted out skits and had the kids laughing and enjoying themselves…we dressed up on mix-match day like total goof-balls together…we told silly jokes and acted crazy together…does it get any better?  YES!

It does get better…there were 4 children that got saved and trusted Christ as their Savior.  This makes every ounce of work seem like n-o-t-h-i-n-g and yet so worth it. It makes the hours of preparation worth it…it makes me excited to continue investing in lives and making a difference…one asked me after we finished cleaning up on Friday night—at about 11pm…so what’s next years theme?!?!?!?!

I love my view every year from the stage…I always say I have the BEST view…seeing the kids enjoy it and light up as we’re having a blast… But this week not only being on stage leading and seeing the kids have a GRAND time…I got to view my mister in a new setting and he makes me fall in love with him more each day!

I don’t know any other way to explain…but I’m so thankful that I get to serve the Lord alongside this wonderful guy the Lord has given me to enjoy life with…and He loves me enough to constantly confirm His working in our lives!  I still stand in awe of what God has done for us!  ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8036PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8038PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8058PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8085PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8087PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8116PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8120PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8125PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8218-2PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8235PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8243PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8282PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8322PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8331PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8347PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8362PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8378PIN THIS ©2014 Erin Rachel Photography, LLC-8393PIN THIS

  • Susan Green Wilson - It was a GREAT week and thank you for a wonderful testimony of what The Lord does in your life daily!!

  • Aunt Gwen - Could only make it 2 nights, but it was incredible! Everyone was wonderful.

  • Kayla Bellanger Rouse - LOVE LOVE these pictures!! My kids had such a great time and that is alllll Brooke talked about until it was time to get to Bible School. Thank y’all so much for putting so much into it, y’all are very much appreciated!

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