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jessica [Mentor Session]

Please meet the lovely Jessica owner and photographer of Grace Photography!

Jessica and I had been Facebook acquaintances for…well I don’t know how long really.  Anyway, I would see her work come through and we’d comment back and forth.  She contacted me about some workshops or sessions.  In the meantime we stayed in touch through Facebook…right before I got married she sent me one of the sweetest congratulations messages and it just made me smile.  Little did I know we had so much in common.  As I announced the up and coming dates for the mentor program she contacted me…applied and of course her we are half way through the program with her!  Getting to know her better I can’t help but love this girl and her heart…her passions and her!!!!!   Seeing her grow…hearing her goals and seeing her already knocking  a lot of them out…wow she’s one girl that’s driven and I see success written all over her!  Now let me define success…success isn’t always in numbers…success is in my opinion…accomplishing goals, growing as a person, growing in strength for her business to be stronger and growing to help serve others!

Well without me rambling any longer…here s a bit from Jessica to you and go check out her lovely work!  Goooo!!!

[grace photography]

From Jessica…to YOU:


I contacted Erin out of desperation in the fall and I can say it has been one of the best investments for my business I’ve ever made.  At that time I was shooting a ton, working into late hours, trying to keep track of what I needed to do next just to keep my head above water, and I was on the brink of burn out.  Being Erin’s mentee has given me totally fresh eyes for  my business and what direction I want to take it in.  You really hit the ground running from the get go.  The first session was a game changer for me and everything else has just built upon that.  One thing Erin said in that first session that really resonated with me was “Be yourself in your business, because if you are just copying everyone else around you, people can see through that.”  It was such an awesome, God-inspired challenge to me to begin to see myself, not as a liability to my business, but as what makes my business awesome and unique.  I don’t think I had every heard that before and it has changed the way I approach so many things in my business.  God is so creative and we are all so different, so it’s ok for my business to look totally different from someone else’s!!
Building a successful photography business is a challenge, but Erin helps you cut it down to manageable pieces so it’s not so overwhelming.  Can’t recommend her or her program enough!




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