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After spending a good bit of time talking to my mentee’s about journaling and goal setting I have been inspired to share a few tips.   There is nothing hard and fast about these tips, it’s just some practical things that have helped me.

I naturally enjoy writing,that is, when I am inspired.  I don’t claim to be a good writer, by any means.  I do it mainly for my own personal enjoyment and benefit.  I have even made it a simple goal this year to journal two to four times a week.  You may wonder why I would even have to set that goal if it’s something I enjoy.  Well because time is always a factor and I can always push it off and “do it later”. When in reality I never circle back around to “journaling later”.

These may sound silly to some…simple to some…new to some…and some of you even have better ideas than me and if you do SHARE them with me…ok-deal?!

1) I keep my journal in a handy spot.  A visible spot.  A place in the house where I’ll see it.  Not a cubby where I’ll never see it and not be reminded to write…not under the mattress so no one can read it!  A place that’s in the open and as I think of things I can easily grab it and jot in it.

2) Date your entries…there are times I wonder what was going on in life a year ago this time and I can easily look back and see/read.  It’s fun and inspiring!

3) Not every entry (in my opinion) has to be “so many paragraphs” or “so many pages”.                    Keep it simple…

  • How about a quote you read that inspired you.
  • Something you are grateful for.
  • A goal you have set out to accomplish or maybe a goal you did accomplish.
  • A scripture verse that meant a lot to you the day you read it, or that popped in your mind during a struggle or “moment”.
  • A quick story of the day or something God has done for you.
  • If you have children something funny they said or did.
  • Maybe a spouse/friend/co-worker said or did something that encouraged you or meant a lot to you.

4) I start a new journal for each year, even if last years wasn’t completely full.  This reason being… I write my new up-and-coming yearly goals in the front of this journal.  My goals are broken down in each aspect of life, which I mentioned in the previous post! 

If we don’t write these things down we will naturally forget them…we are humans and we forget.

journalphotoPIN THIS

I am excited to see what my new 2014 journal holds for the coming year…excited to document what God does for us and writes for our lives.  He is so good to me!


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