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just an average girl []

//just an average girl//

it’s a rainy monday morning…i’ve already enjoyed a cup of coffee while doing my morning bible devotion…hopped on the treadmill for a three mile run…now i’m curled up on the couch, in the sunroom, wet hair up in a messy bun…doing some editing…eating some yummy healthy oatmeal [—> here is the amazing pinterest recipe!]…finalizing this weeks sessions…and i feel like blogging a little more on the personal side of life. whether it makes sense to you…i don’t know…but to me it does!

life gets busy…hectic…crazy and might you say insane at times.  it’s then i realize that i need to sit down and re-evaluate what God has called me to do and what is important in life.  it’s these days…might you say… passing moments of life, that i realize my priorities have gotten out-of-whack and i need to re-group.  it’s days like this in life that are so beyond refreshing…because my goals in life have been “re-purposed” might you say…rather re-focused and i feel like i could run a marathon…well not really that is total sarcasm…but yeh you know what i mean.

i’m thankful my heavenly father cares for me

i’m thankful my heavenly father loves me

“…that your joy may be full…1john 1:4b”


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