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Keeping the Focus | Gulf Coast Photographers Retreat

This past Friday I was honored to be with 11 ladies who are also photographers from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

I got to spend 4 hours with them talking all things business and life.

Before I go any further. A HUGE thank you to Jessica of Grace Photography for hosting this retreat and organizing it.  Not only that but for taking these pictures for us and allowing me to use them to blog and show off!  I can do a lot but I can’t’ really speak a-n-d take pictures…so I’m grateful for these few she grabbed for us!  I did snap two with my iPhone while they were working on an activity I had for them.  Wish I had taken a few more but my mind was so focused on them, not pictures!!

I have never spent 4 hours with 11 photographers where I didn’t sense a competitive spirit…not even one time.  I didn’t sense an attitude of comparing one another…or one being “better” than the other.  There were some there who had been in business for 10 years…to those who had been in business only a few months.  It was a breath of fresh air…honestly.  In this business so many times there are times where others are threatened and it’s not a healthy environment.  I commend this group…they were fantastic!  Hence I really hope to be seeing them again in the future!

If my poor voice had been even somewhat normal I think I could have spent all day with them just talking life and business.  Some thought I just had a sexy female voice…I laughed and said there is nothing sexy about this voice…seriously.  I had tried every home remedy and over the counter medicine known to man kind the two days before I went to speak to try and get my voice back.  It wasn’t happening…but these ladies were gracious enough to still listen and engage in conversation with me!

These four images really don’t sum up our time together…they just don’t do justice…I really am already looking forward to a next time!

Check out these gals:

Sarah Brooke Photography

Paige Reaux Photography

My-Seymour Photography

Grace Photography

Julie Holmes Photography

Starling and Sage

Lisa Cooke Photography

Tilley Photography

Uninvented Colors Photography

Kristal Beachy Photography

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