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Kristin // Photography Business Mentoring

I’m pleased to introduce to you Kristin…I had the privilege to mentor her this past fall.  Prior to that… I met her when she attended the Workshop 1 and after staying in touch she wanted to jump into the business mentoring program.  Taking another photographer by the “hand” and leading them to their visions and goals is incredibly satisfying to me.  I love nothing better than seeing a person grow…but grow to become what they desire and the direction they want to go.
Kristin has a beautiful heart to serve her family first and for-most…I also know she has a heart for others and that alone will take her and her business in a beautiful direction!
Hey there! My name is Kristin Necaise and I am the owner of Kristin Necaise Photography. I am a wife, mother of a beautiful little girl, photographer, and so much more.
Kristin Necaise Photography began a couple of years ago, in a completely unexpected way.  It had always been an interest of mine and a passion that my mother and I shared.  Soon after my daughter was born, it blossomed into something more.  Two months after my daughter was born, my mother passed away unexpectedly. This life changing event opened my eyes to many things, but most of all it showed me how important “memories” are.  In an attempt to keep a part of my mother alive, I purchased my first DSLR and began capturing my daughter’s moments.  Shortly after, I began receiving requests from family and friends for me to take their photos.  After years of doing photography as a hobby, it grew into something much more!
After years of trying to self teach and getting completely frustrated to the point of giving up, I stumbled upon Erin’s FB page.  I truly believe God led me to her, at that very moment, because he knew that I needed her guidance and wisdom.
In April of 2013, I contacted Erin regarding her Workshop 1, which is all about shooting manual. The class was full, but God opened the door and allowed me to attend.  For so long I was completely in the dark on how to properly use my camera. After attending Erin’s workshop I had a new found confidence and knew how to operate my camera like a pro.  I left with more than just knowledge that day; I left with a love and burning desire to achieve my dreams.
After constant prayer and God opening doors once again, in the fall of 2013 I was able to begin Erin’s mentor sessions.  I can’t even begin to explain what I’ve taken from this experience.  Erin has taught me a lot about business basics and goal setting, but she also opened doors for me to discover myself as a photographer.  She has helped me to take a leap of faith and do things that I never thought I could. I’m now okay with being extraordinary and standing out from the rest.  God created us all to be different, and that I will be!
I can’t thank Erin enough for all that she has done for me!  She has a true love for teaching and serving others.  She isn’t greedy and she’s willing to share her knowledge of business and photography with others.  I love that she is not only my mentor, but a great friend, awesome encourager, and my sister in Christ!  She has truly been a blessing to me!!!

For more information on my Workshops and Photography Business Mentor Program click –> HERE! 

  • Ashley Nicole Homer - I am SO proud of Kristin. I have known her since we were babies & to know that she has kept her dream alive & come so far is inspiring to me. I also was a photographer but had to put my passion on the back burner for personal reasons. I look at Kristin & her NOT giving up & it gives me inspiration to look within my heart & maybe one day soon reopen my business. Until then I continue to refer clients to Kristin simply bc I trust her! & I know she puts her heart into her photography. I am proud to say I have watched you from the beginning. Congrats for coming such a long way my love. God bless you. Always.

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