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laura [the.MENTOR.sessions]

I would like to introduce to you another mentee!  Please welcome Laura!  She came to the.ONE DAY.workshop 1 last fall, immediately signed up for the.ONE DAY.workshop 2– where it’s all about editing with Lightroom…then when I launched the.MENTOR.sessions she emailed me with excitement and quickly replied with her application!  I’m excited to see where her photography journey will take her…her passion for photographer stems from being an artist and seeing details.  She is currently in the process of setting up her blogsite and settling in on her branding!  Below is a little bio she wrote up for us to get to know her better!

“I began my journey in photography a little differently than most. I started editing vintage photos for the Creole Museum in French Settlement, Louisiana. I had a version of Adobe Photoshop on my PC, and I could scan the photos, doctor them, and give them reprints.

After that, I decided to buy a Canon Rebel so that I could take family photos and reference shots for graphite and pastel portraits. I really enjoyed shooting, but so did my daughter!  Last summer, she borrowed it, and brought it back with a slight rattle in it. So, she inherited it, and I bought myself a Canon T2i. It was a little more complicated, so at a friend’s suggestion, I sought out Erin. She taught me the technicalities of my camera, how to shoot in manual mode, and how to use lighting to create mood.

I feel like photography is an extension of my artistic pursuits. It is a dynamic field, so I can continuously learn! I shall never become bored or stagnated, and that suits me just fine. It is giving me a new lease on life. I am creating a business so that when I retire from teaching, I will automatically flow into full time photography and portraiture! What an exciting adventure!”



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