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life is full of adventure {}

It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon!

I’m sitting on the front porch… in a white rocking chair…relaxing…
Yes…I know those two words don’t go together…
Erin and relaxing…but today they do!
The sun is shining and it feels oh-so-good, the birds are singing and I’m listening to
beautiful wind-chimes…they aren’t the clink-ety, clank-ety type…oh no sir!!

It’s a gorgeous day in South Mississippi.

I’m recouping from a crazy busy day yesterday.
My Saturday started at I don’t know what time
due to lack of sleep on Friday night. Anytime
I have to set my alarm there are two things that will
happen…two things without a shadow of a doubt.
I will not sleep and once I do fall asleep around 3am
I will wake up before my iPhone alarm goes off.
Yes I’ve never over slept in my life…never!

So I guess I could say I finally got out of bed at 6am…
got dressed ran out the door with my camera on my
hip and my bowl of greek yogurt in my hand.
I was on the road…headed to Old Metairie to have a
morning full of mini sessions.
I must say that if my clients get any cuter and any
“more beautiful” I will have to sca–reeea—mm!!!
The sessions yesterday were at a beautiful location
but more than that with beautiful families and kids.
So after much ooohing, ahhhing, getting kids to look at
me and smile, bending over, kneeling down, laying
on my belly, jumping up and down, clapping my hands,
laughing and being quite goofy I completed 11 mini
sessions yesterday! I couldn’t have done it without
my amazing assistant—-Maggie! Yes she is mine and no
one can take her…THE END! Yes…I’m serious.

After the two of us finished…our first priority
was to find a bathroom… then to find
some yummy food for out tummies…we ended
up at SunRay Grill! Yum, yum, YUM!
We decided we had enough energy still left in us
to find a thrift store and look for some props
or a bargain…yes I love a bargain and I don’t
mind washing or scrubbing something
to make it look brand new and using it…I have
no problem with that what-so-ever! I work hard for
my money and I like to see it go as far as I
possibly can!! Nothing wrong with that…right?

So before we made it to this thrift store…thanks to
mapquest I took a wrong turn due to road construction.
Oh yes the lovely road construction…I am beginning
to think Louisiana’s state flower is the orange cone these days.
Anyway, that was a side note from my story! So after my wrong turn
and figuring out that the road I want, to the right, is closed…I look straight
ahead of me and I see “THE” Huey P. Long Bridge
I look to the right again and Yes I am not seeing things…
the road I need is shut down…I also see a state
trooper sitting there just waiting to make some money…
I look to my left and I see a “no left turn” sign…I still
see this state trooper just waiting and staring at me…
I look straight ahead and I see the bridge
again…I look to my left again to make sure I was seeing
the sign correctly…telling me I can’t make a left…I look to my
right and I see a state trooper…do you get the picture?
My choice was to either take a left and let this State
Trooper make some money or risk my life and go
across…no I mean DRIVE across “THE” Huey P. Long Bridge.
Which by the way is under “widening” construction as well…
so instead of this bridge being “two” lanes all the way across
it’s down to one lovely lane.

Ok I must explain this bridge for those of you who have
no clue what I’m talking about…so before I go any further…
“THE” Huey P Long Bridge is not a bridge I care to cross or
much less drive…it is about two feet wide about 10,000 feet
above the river you cross and about 20 ba-gillion feet long…ok ok
maybe I’m exaggerating just a teeny bit…but that’s
pretty much how it felt! No lie.

So as my “gps” aka Maggie
is sitting in the passenger side busting out laughing
I’m about to freak out…but guess what?
So I make my ever-so-wise decision and go
straight up the bridge to avoid paying the trooper…
my poor steering wheel must have thought I was
about to die…so I decided I would pretty much take
up both lanes as far as I can…until it goes down to one lane…
I just didn’t care!
So I made it to the other side…only to find MORE
road construction…yep more. I have no clue where
I’m at…and the road I need is on the other side of the
road construction…I can’t make a u-turn…to say the least
by this point I’m busting out laughing myself along
with Maggie…so we head back across “THE” Huey P Long
…only to get stuck in traffic…on top of the bridge
looking down at what looked like lego-land…
inching along like a snail…oh my word!
I was ever so glad to be on ground and off
that bridge.. but guess what…I can now say
I have driven the Huey P Long Bridge…will I do it again…
NEVER! Many go great lengths to avoid this bridge…
well not me I had no choice…

So what should have taken me 15 minutes to get to…
took me an hour. Ah! Oh well…life is full of adventure…
I now have a story…and good memories!

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  • Cassie Davis - LOL…You’re so funny Erin. I grew up on the Westbank and went to school in Metairie every day. That bridge isn’t that scary if you just go over it without over thinking about what bridge you’re on. Most people are super scared of it, but to me it’s just another road 🙂

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