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lindsey [the.mentor.sessions]

Please meet “mentee” number five of six—-Lindsey!
Lindsey came to the.ONE DAY.workshop 1 in the early fall of 2011.  She came wanting to learn more about shooting and primarily shooting in manual so she could take full control of her camera to create the shots she wanted.  It wasn’t long after the workshop she and I had a session where I sat down with her and answered her questions and taught her a few specific things she was wanting to learn.  When I launched the.ONE DAY.workshop 2 where I teach all about editing and Lightroom, she quickly signed up…once again she came to learn- caught on quickly- and was on her way to editing her sessions way more efficiently!!!
As Lindsey and I kept in touch via facebook and a few emails from time to time I could see her business was growing!  I was super excited for her…when I launched the.MENTOR.sessions I kind of had her mind, but of course I would never push anyone and so she didn’t apply and I just let it go…about a week or two later we were communicating and I mentioned the.MENTOR.sessions and come to find out she never received an email and thought it was just for a few specific people….little did she know!!!!  As we talked back and forth she wanted to apply and of course I took her on!!  Her journey through the.MENTOR.sessions has been exciting…she is gearing up for a brand new launch of her business for January 2013.  I am thrilled to see what lies ahead for her!
Now a little hello straight from Lindsey! PIN THISThe kid with the camera, all the way back to my 110 film… My name is Lindsey Jacob and I’ve also been known as {MamaRazzi} for the last 2+ years. I am the wife to an amazingly supportive husband {Cory} and mother to a sassy and sweet two year old daughter {Ava}. A digital Canon girl, far from where I started as a kid. Along with being a photographer I am hairstylist alongside my mother and sister. Family is the most important thing to me and capturing memories for others is truly my passion.

I first met Erin at the.ONE DAY.workshop 1. She was the first photographer that I totally understood and everything just clicked. I followed up with the.ONE DAY. workshop 2 and a  I had been in the process of trying to restructure my entire business and had no guidance. So when I heard about the.MENTOR.sessions I couldn’t pass it up. Being Erin’s “mentee” has given me the guidance and confidence to make it happen. Now I’m on track to re-launch for 2013!

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