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misty [mini mentor session]

Can I please introduce you to one of my most recent mini mentee’s?!?  Misty was one of the first to respond to the first promotional of this new mini mentor sessions.  Her four topics of choice were: Focusing, Composition, Stepping it up and a Hands on Shoot together.  She was always on top of her projects from each discussion, taking the constructive criticism and keying in on her images to make them even better for the next session.

Without any further ramblings from me…here’s a little bit straight from Misty!

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Hi everyone I’m Misty. My husband, Willis and I have been together since we were just teenagers and I am very proud to say that I owe that to the Lord! We are a homeschool family of 5 kids. My oldest (daughter) graduated last year, so I guess you can say 4. I say “we” because my husband schools the children when I work part time cleaning houses. Which oddly enough is something I love to do.
More than that, I love being a mom even when the craziest most unreal things happen.

I have always enjoyed caring for others and meeting their needs. About 5 years ago I learned I enjoy making cakes, as well as sewing and other little crafty things. However none of these hobbies please me more than capturing moments through a lens.

About 12+ years ago I met someone that had some of the most precious pictures of her kiddos. I was so thrilled to see you could have great photos of every day life. She doesn’t even know, but she is the one that inspired me to first get started.

From there I asked my husband for a SLR (it was film then) camera for Christmas. When he told me no, I understood that finances just wouldn’t allow it. Imagine my surprise when he made it possible and I opened it BEFORE Christmas Day.
HE has truly been there when I wanted to put my camera down and just stop. Thinking others were better than me, that I didn’t have what it takes. HE has pushed me, wiped my tears, and pushed me back out there. Most importantly he believes in me! Isn’t that all that matters?! He is the one that encourages me to learn more, pays for my classes with Erin :-D, and buys my equipment. Which I just got a D70 last week! Talk about in love with something not human! HA HA! I am blessed to have someone like him.

Although this may be too long already I want to take the time to encourage anyone that hasn’t taken Erin’s classes/workshops to do so. It was money and time well spent, and NEVER once have WE regretted it! She is an amazing teacher!

Don’t follow your dreams; chase them. (UNKNOWN)

Glory be to GOD!

Misty Gant


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