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mothers day {}

Mother’s day has changed over at house over the course of the last several years.
Is it a good change? Well of course…but it is a change.

My mom’s day starts off with a quiet morning…drinking coffee…
catching up with my dad and I around the kitchen table…all
while my mom and I give my dad a crash course in facebook.
Yep you just read that correctly…my dad now has a facebook.
This is not a joke… it is t.r.u.t.h.
Don’t believe me look on facebook and you will see I now
have a “facebook dad”. I think he is progressing in the
ins-and-outs and the questions for my mom and I are getting
fewer…that is sweet music!
I offer for my mom to go back to bed and I’ll cook her breakfast…
you know have breakfast in bed thing…
all while she knows I am being sarcastic we opt for granola and greek yogurt.
Our staple for breakfast around here.

Mom heads to get dressed for church… I facebook message my dad
(yes he was on, lame but it works!) to have him load my mom’s mother’s day
gift in the back of my car…we pull it off…we are like
secret agents…she is clue-less.
Church was great…My mom and I camped out in the nursery with my
nieces and nephews…so their moms could be in the
service. Wow…that was like a four ring circus act in
what seemed to be a 4×4 room…sheesh…one cried,
the other cried…one fell the other fell…one wanted juice
the other one wanted juice…one needed a bottle…the other
one needed a diaper change…one was trying to eat play-doh
while the other one was hitting the one that took their play-doh…
one wanted to play ring-around-the-rosie the other wanted to play
hide-and-seek…one wanted to hit while the other one was minding
their own business…do you see? Yeh…I’m kind of not used
to concentrated nursery duties….it’s all good…it really is!

Well we decided to take a few pictures…”really quick” after church…
you know the typical “lets find a tree…put mom and kids in front of it…
say 1-2-3…snap the picture and hope for the best”. Yes that kind
of picture we do every year…not too shabby if I say so myself…

Okkkkk… the picture is done…it’s time to load up…the ice cream is melting in my car…we will
need straws because it’s going to be a milkshake…well we didn’t
have to resort to that…thankfully!!! haha
We head to my sisters house for lunch…we opt
for an easy lunch…spaghetti and meatballs, salad, bread and dessert.
Easy enough…the bread tumbles off the pan on the way into the oven…
but it was all good…We don’t eat in too much quiet peace, like
we used to…now we have to bribe 3 year olds to at least eat 5 bites
before you get ice cream…make sure the 18 month old is in her high chair
because she is ready for a feast…make sure someone is holding the baby…
taking one to the potty…seeing one undress putting on swimsuits to go swimming…
having one crying because feelings are hurt…telling one to shut the door to the
patio…making sure there are napkins on the table…everyone has food…
we pray, bless the food…and then try to eat… with a kiddo in your lap… either eating
off of your plate or sneezing on your food…
oh the joys…all while trying to have a nice mother’s day meal and have
an adult conversation…a what? yes an adult conversation!!! hahaha
After dessert and giving mom her gift it’s time to escape and
let everyone get their afternoon naps!!

Would I trade this for anything? nope and I don’t think any of
the three moms sitting at the lunch table would either.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom in the world…
I know it’s so “cliche” but it’s so true!!!
Happy Mother’s Day to my sister and sister in law! Keep
on keeping on with those kiddos… all of the hard work
will pay off…especially when they are as good as their
“EE” turned out! hahaha [just kiddddiiinnggg]
Happy Mother’s day in honor of my two grandmother’s
that have gone on to be with the Lord!
Then finally…
Happy Mother’s day to every mother!

Proverbs 31:30
Favour [is] deceitful, and beauty [is] vain: but a woman that
feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.

  • VIcki McCormack - Love it Erin and so true!!!! I love you and your family!

  • Amanda - Loved reading this…you have an great way of writing things that is hilarious and full of truth at the same time. 🙂 Very Real Life!! Great picture too!!

  • Jamey - Love it!!!! A perfect picture in words!!!

  • Kathleen Whittington - Love it, sounds simular to our day today, loved how you put it into words! So glad you all had a great day!

  • Keri South - Love it!!! Reminds me of my wedding day/night!!!

  • Kathy Guillot - Erin, you have such a beautiful way with words, and the “picture” of your day was priceless. Happy Mother’s Day to the women of your family and God’s best blessings to you!

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