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Last week while I was in North Alabama visiting family
and helping on an adoption fundraiser for my cousin,
I went out two nights in a row to the Wilson Dam.
This territory is “normal” for me…I’ve driven over it
how many times? I’ve seen both sides how many times?
I normally would be asleep riding over it…it’s nothing new.
You know how you think in your mind well
I “live” here and there is nothing beautiful
to take pictures of where I live. You know that feeling?
It’s just home…every other place is beautiful. Well I
refuse to think that anymore! Every place is beautiful…
our Creator created it for us to enjoy!

So I decided to put some of my learning into action
from the landscape photography workshop I did
in Yosemite, CA last month. One of the biggest
tips I learned from that workshop was that when shooting
landscape photography you never know what you will
get due to weather. Sure enough you have to
roll with the punches! The first night I shot the Wilson Dam
it had just finished raining and was cloudy…I still
got an amazing shot.

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The second night I went out it was pretty clear…
only a few wispy clouds, that finally disappeared.  I kept saying
“the sky is going to turn blue for me”. My
mom, aunt and uncle that went out with me didn’t
understand what I was seeing or getting.
After I showed them this I think they understood!!!
After setting the camera up on my shoot-sac
on the ground and me laying on the ground…on my belly
I got the shot I was going for!!

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