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our .1st. thanksgiving []

To say we had a fabulous first Thanksgiving would be an understatement.  I just don’t think that “says” justice, but I’m not sure how else to really explain it.  We had a grand week off from work!  Even though we did a little bit of work, it was still VERY minimal, comparatively speaking!  I had intended to get a bit more work done, but that didn’t happen, so today I’m just playing triple catch up!

We both had the week off…so we took advantage of it and headed off to my sweet clients place in the “woods” aka Buckskin!  My clients were gracious and allowed us to stay a few days there…we relaxed for the most part…did some shopping, exploring, played some games, went walking and exploring, built fires, cooked yummy food, drank lots of coffee and tea, had steaks one night,  brownies for dessert, mornings of pancakes, bacon, eggs…real food folks!  We know how to eat! haha  It truly was a great few days to get away and relax and do a lot of n.o.t.h.i.n.g.!

We came home on Wednesday afternoon, in time to unload “our house”…lol I think I brought everything but our own bed, kitchen sink and living room furniture! haha ok, seriously joking but…that’s what it felt like!! Needless to say I didn’t pack very intentionally…we pretty much threw a lot in the car and left town!  Anyway…after unloading on Wednesday…I went straight to a family session…came home we had a bowl of chili then headed to our churches Thanksgiving Praise service.  After church we came home and my husband starting backing his cheesecake…[pictures below!].  We stayed up until 12:30 am with him baking and me doing some computer work…set the alarm for 3:25am…yes A.M.!  so he could stick the cheesecake in the fridge after it had cooled for two hours…then slept in because it was Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving day started with some yummy breakfast and coffee…and a new tradition we wanted to start.  It’s all of our firsts and trying to figure out what we as a family want to start as traditions.  We bought a spiral bound art notebook…and we dated it 2013…and Thursday we started writing down everything we are thankful for…sharing our gratefulness for what God has done in our lives in 2013…then throughout the year we want to continue writing down the things that God has/will do for us in the coming year.  We are hoping years from now we’ll be able to simply look back and be reminded of the GREAT things God has/will do for us!  We are so blessed, so undeserving and not nearly thankful enough.

We finished up some cooking…then loaded up to have Thanksgiving lunch with my family at my sisters home.  It was a fun time of just visiting, eating way to much and laughs!  After our meal we did an ABC Thankfulness game with my nieces and everyone would draw a letter and have to say two things they were grateful for that started with that letter!  Some of them are hard…”V”…”U”… and then when the three almost four year old niece has “P”…looks up at the fan and says— “paa—paa—paa FAN!”  We laughed…I don’t know if that makes any sense in writing…but it was too cute.

Thanksgiving day in south Mississippi was a gorgeous day…Bern and I went back to one of our first little outing spots together and went for a walk…trying to walk off a little turkey and cheesecake!

I think the best part of being married is seeing our family traditions and blending them…we are doubling our traditions and extending!  I love it!  He introduced my family and I to an added bonus on our “left-over turkey sandwiches”…take soft butter and mix it with your left over cranberry sauce as a spread…talk about yummy!  We now have a new favorite!!!!!

I hope you and your families had a wonderful Thanksgiving…as Bern and I were talking, holidays aren’t always easy and happy times for everyone.  I think there is a mis-conception that they are for everyone…but the reality is they aren’t.  Whether it’s the memories with a loved one that is no longer with you and is missed, you are left alone on a holiday, there are desires you’d like to see happen in your life and they haven’t come to pass, whatever it is there are times when holidays aren’t easy.  We are very thankful to have each other to celebrate holidays together!

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  • Brenda - Love the pics and your story to go with it! We’re still so happy for you…a perfect match for each other! Bern, that cheesecake looks perfect!! Hope there were some strawberries or raspberries on it later!! 😉

  • Honey and Aunt Gwen - Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos / story. Beautiful memories, Love you Guys!

  • Aunt Vicki - We love you! So glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Hope to see more “1st” of you and Bern!

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