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passionate {}

Part of me…Part of my personality…Part of who God has made me…is {passionate}

I love to be a part of a work/ministry that is doing something
that has eternal value on it. My desire is to make a difference
in eternal things. Sometimes making a difference is simply
doing things on this earth with earthly value in order to gain
the eternal rewards.

My personality is “all or nothing”. It simply is…sometimes
I don’t know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.
If I am going to commit to doing something, my whole
being will be involved…no lie. Just ask those that live with me.
Honestly…I like it. Something deep inside of me thrives
on it…enjoys it…and lives for it.  I really can’t stand to be “half-hearted.”

::side note:: You might be wondering why on earth I am telling the whole
world this…I have to ask myself the same thing.
I think too many times as a child of God I get my focus
on myself…what I am doing…where I am going…where He is taking me…
what work He is doing in my life…I want my prayers answered, in my timing…
and the list goes on. Since December of last year God has been
doing a work in my heart to turn my eyes on others and serving HIM!
I heard a message at our missions conference that truly shed
light on my selfish motives and attitudes. God has not
placed me in this life to think and worry about myself.

I am excited about all the opportunities and ways the Lord has opened
up doors and avenues in the last several months as well as in the weeks
and months ahead!

The door of opportunity that is being opened right now
through my church and other churches in my area coming together,
is donating items to the tornado victims in Mississippi and
Alabama. I know when we (as a community) went through
Hurricane Katrina, and even though my family and I were
not directly hit, there was an in-pouring of help and resources
that helped those in need. At the time there were no words to describe
the help that came to us, at the right time, it was God sent. During
Hurricane Katrina I was able to be at several sites volunteering
sorting clothing and giving out meals. Even though at this time
I am not able to be there on the front grounds in Alabama
I am able to get donations together on this end for someone
to take up and be a blessing to those in need.
I know, without a shadow of a doubt, the churches that
are ministering in the Birmingham, AL
area (that we are sending supplies to) will use these resources
to further the gospel and help those in physical need as well
as spiritually. God uses everyone in different ways…
The donations that have already come in through word
of mouth and via facebook has been amazing.
I’m beyond thrilled to be helping in this effort!
God is good!!!

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If you want to lend a helping hand, jump over to the
Blessed Hope Disaster Relief facebook page.  It’s just getting
started but we are excited to see what God will do
in the coming months. I hope to take some pictures of
the next team going out with the supplies this week!

Our God is so good!

These images were from a friend that lives in Tuscaloosa, AL.
This happened two blocks from her apartment. She was gracious enough to allow me to
use a few pictures since I don’t have any personally!
Thank you Mallory!


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