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Rie [the.MENTOR.sessions]

I am thrilled to be posting yet another mentee from this season!

Rie Bonanno Photography

 Rie is a beautiful person on the inside and out and I can say that because during this journey of being her mentor I have grown to know her and her heart more.  I admire her strength…she and her husband were just reunited after a 6 month deployment and I don’t know how she did it…but I know she took it day by day.  All of that to say she has a heart to serve other service families in the photography business.  She would like to cater to them and their needs.  She wants to get involved in a charity work that does photography work for  wounded warriors.  I am excited to see her business grow as she grows towards her brand, love and passions!!!!

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Here’s more from her!!

My love of photography grew from the opportunity my Dad gave me to play with his 35mm Minolta.  He would let me take all the pictures I wanted, whenever I wanted.  Back then, I would have to wait a week (Yes, I said WAIT for my pictures. Can you imagine?) to see how my pictures turned out.   My Mom would have to drive me all the way to the tiny (think tollbooth size) Kodak photomat, to finally get my envelope that contained my prints and their negatives.  Technology has advanced greatly since then, and so has my love of photography.  I just aged myself.
It wasn’t until I had my first child that I really began to feel a calling to be a photographer.  I debated the issue for about 4 years until I finally took the leap of faith and started my own photography business.  I bought books, viewed online tutorials, took Erin’s DSLR class, took a class specifically geared towards my camera, and continued to practice, practice, practice.  Shortly after I took my first class with Erin, she started offering the mentor sessions.  I knew I wanted to jump aboard that train to help me improve my business, not only for my clients, but also for myself.
Several sessions took place before I got my own train ticket and now I’m finally along for the ride.  I’ve learned so much about myself through this process, which will ultimately benefit my clients.  Continuing to be ME will help to grow my business.  Erin’s guidance has helped me prioritize my goals, supported me and my challenges, and motivated me to continue to be me.  I’m am truly grateful to have this opportunity to work with Erin in an effort to grow my photography business.
Believe You Can
You’re Half Way There
~Theodore Roosevelt


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