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It’s been several weeks since I have posted a [] post…I felt it was overdue!

This past weekend one of my photography workshop attendees brought along a little happy for me.  A few weeks ago she texted me telling me she had a surprise for me and hoped I didn’t have one…but if I did to just act surprised.  I love surprises so I didn’t even try to figure out what this little happy might be!  Before she left she handed me a cute bag…as I opened it my mind was curious…a book?  Friends let me tell you it’s more than a book!!!  I was so excited she had given me a SMASH book.  Of course I thanked her, ooh-ed and ahh-ed while briefly looking over it, looked at the first page she had put together in the book and gave her a hug.  So you’re thinking…that’s the END?  Well not exactly…fast forward a day….

Sunday afternoon I’ve finally gotten a few minutes to organize my room and get some things back in order and looking normal…I sat on my bed for a minute and r.e.a.l.l.y. looked at this SMASH book….eeekkkkkkk is about all I could say!  I was beyond thrilled at what this book [really] was…it’s a mini scrapbook and journal.  I love scrapbooking—I just NEVER have time—I L.O.V.E. to journal and I just HAVE to make time.  Now here it was all in one and I was wondering where in the world has this “SMASH” book been the last ump-teen years?  I ran downstairs showed my mom….and was pretty excited…so excited I immediately did my first page…simply wrote a paragraph about last weeks visit to the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans…taped on my ticket stub and now waiting on my instagram print to arrive of my nieces and nephews at the aquarium.

It’s an all-in-one book for me…a few pictures, any memorabilia, a paragraph or two, something funny a niece or nephew says, a place to put cards, a page I can glue my nieces card she gave me from the first time she wrote her name for me, a place I can have a friend write about a trip, a place I can just have all of my memories!

Yeh…I know you’re not as thrilled as I am…but that’s ok…I’m THRILLED!!!!!  If you have a SMASH book please give me more ideas…




  • Amber - I’m so glad that you like it!!! I was so excited when SMASH came out and I now have like 7 different ones. Each has a different style of it’s own. I hope it gives you a place to release some creativity and to preserve some memories. 🙂 I have one for “Firsts” and “Vacations” and possibly starting a “Summer” one soon. It’s a great place to write down quotes you don’t want to forget. I save ticket stubs but never do anything with them. This gives me a place to journal who I went with and if I like the movie and maybe even put pics that I wouldn’t normally scrapbook or print out.

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