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snow day []

our rare day.

called a snow day.

who would think that in south mississippi we would get four snow days over the past week?  certainly not me.  oh yes, i did welcome these days with open arms though…as did my mister!  i can’t remember a time when we were predicted to get 1-3 inches of snow here…here in south mississippi.  i can’t remember it.  we got last Friday…then Tuesday…Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  i went ahead with my mentor work these three days as well as teaching on Thursday…Mister got all three off!!

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our day consisted of being thankful for a warm and cozy home.

sleeping in past the 5:30am alarm clock and being able to just lay there and talk.

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mister Bern called up his mom for a yummy soup recipe…Chicken Broccoli Alfredo soup….we had all but one ingredient and he made it to the store before they closed!  i absolutely love that i had all of the ingredients stocked in the kitchen besides one.  friends that is a huge deal for me…i don’t like having just bare bones in the kitchen…i like to be stocked and i’m pretty close to being there!!!

[warning:: i went nuts on taking food pictures for some random reason…hmmm I guess that’s what snow and staying inside will do to you!]

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he whipped out his bread dough from the fridge and made us bread bowls for our soup.  yummmyyyyy

some time sitting on the couch editing personal pictures.  did you catch that [personal]….oh my i get so behind on that end of the work!

i couldn’t tell you how many times i went to the front kitchen window on Tuesday to see if it was snowing…if i only had a quarter for every time, we might be rich!

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 it seems like all we did was eat…or wanted to eat should I say…in addition to the soup, mint- chocolate-chip cookies and cheddar cheese pop-corn popped up on the menu.  oh well it’s not everyday we have a snow day around here.

a little pinterest time…together…brain-storming and house-planning…not to mention him working q-u-i-t-e a few hours on the said house plans.

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going stir crazy by Wednesday afternoon so we pulled out the game of Farkle…

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then he talked me into taking a walk…he coached me on layering and bundling up!!!  It wasn’t so bad after all! 54photoPIN THIS photoPIN THIS


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