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The impact of a Mother

The impact of a Mother…I am not sure I will ever  fully understand the impact…although I am eternally grateful for what I know today.  It’s certainly not what I knew 15 years ago…nor what I will know 15 years from today.


Both my mom and mother-in-law have impacted my life…my mom for 31 years…who raised me in a godly home and inspiring way.  One that isn’t perfect, as no one is, but one that gave all she had to us kids and lived a selfless life.  I am so thankful she is in my life today and I can call her at any time for even the smallest of questions…like when I’m cooking and wondering what sour milk is…knowing it’s not buttermilk or spoiled milk!!!  NO I don’t “google” it…I call my mom!!!!  I’m honored I can do that, as so many can’t although they would love to.  She is always there helping, giving, serving, encouraging, being a friend, praying and inspiring me.


Then I am also thankful for my mother-in-law who I celebrate just as much today!!  She has impacted my life in greater ways than she may ever know…As she raised a godly man and gave of herself so selflessly…Now I am reaping the benefits of her labor and love and I am eternally grateful! Happy Mother’s Day to these two amazing moms who we celebrate today!   photoPIN THIS


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