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I am inspired to write.

It hits me at random moments…usually when I’m at my busiest point in the day or week or life…but I think it’s a way for me to stop.

A way for me to slow down, sit, grab a cup of coffee and let my mind breathe.  Just to let my thoughts come to “paper” and life.


Life has been nothing but surreal these last two months.  Yes we have been married two months tomorrow.  Where has the time gone?  I often ask myself this, but then I think about how amazing life has been.  How good God has been to us, to give us each other to enjoy life with and walk this life together on a journey, an adventure together.  Sometimes it’s the little things…the mornings I have to be out of the door earlier than he does and he says “hey I’ll make the coffee this morning”.  Seriously!??! Yes it’s the little things that make me fall for him even more each day…

The mundane day-to-day tasks…yes those, I love those too.  It’s what I have always wanted, to be a wife, I just didn’t know God would give me so much in a husband.  My mom would always tell me…it will be worth the wait and he’ll be more amazing than you could have dreamed.  I never believed her…I just thought it was her way of keeping me encouraged…and subtly telling me that one day I would find the keeper…to keep standing strong and not fall for the losers.  Yep I just called them losers…lets-face-it there are a lot of those.  Ok- not wasting time…moving on…So those new responsibilities of washing-drying (oh and checking those pant pockets!)-ironing-cooking-meal planning- sweeping-mopping- oh and lets not forget ironing-cleaning bathrooms- waking up at 5:30am- cooking breakfast- fixing his lunch to go- grocery shopping- looking for deals to make the budget stretch- creating a budget together…it’s so fulfilling to me.  It’s what God has called me to do…be a help meet.  I couldn’t be happier.  It’s so worth the mundane day-to-day tasks when he comes home smiling and I get to see him and spend time with him.  When he looks at me and tells me “I always wanted this in a wife, not that it would have been a make it or break it, but God knew just what I desired.”

Are you ready for some mumbled jumbled messy thoughts on life lately?!?! Here goes in an attempt….

We have welcomed fall here at the house…just a few added touches to remind our guests as they walk into our home that they are welcomed!!!   1photoPIN THIS

I think within the first three weeks of married life…I used google more than in my lifetime (since google has been alive that is…I am older than google!).  I had to look up so many documents and what I needed to change names…to get a new social security card…where I needed to go to get that…what time the offices were opened or closed…when I could get my mug shot for my new drivers license..the process to adding names onto bank accounts…and you name it, google was my hero.  I think I toted our marriage license and certificate around with me for at least a month…I never knew when I would need it and where!!!

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Wait…what about those moments I’ve been right in the middle of cooking and realized…”oh wait I don’t exactly have the tools I need to bake…well we’ll improvise…some how…some way…and we make it work!”  Then I quickly add to my “to-get-from target” list.  We have soooo enjoyed all of the wedding gifts that have been gift cards, it has enabled us to get so much for our home that we never knew we really even needed!!!

I did find out quickly that I don’t…let me repeat incase you didn’t get it…DO NOT…like cleaning meat.  Thanks to the courageous and amazing talented husband he took care of the huge turkey that I got a deal on and wanted to stick in the crock-pot.  I just couldn’t touch all of the insides…I’m a baby, I know, I don’t deny it and won’t deny it!

Another random thought…at first budgeting our life together on paper wasn’t the easiest…it was quite over-whelming to me…I knew we had to do it and would do it and could do it…but two things made it so much better– homemade chocolate chip cookies as we planned the budget and I found a cute cash/coupon holder…it made it all better and so much more fun!

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The budget is all about planning how we will spend our money and telling it what to do.  It’s being motivated to win at a goal we have…keeping life simple and within our means.  We are finding that having written goals down on paper we are winning at them faster and staying motivated.  It’s so much fun having goals together…I always enjoyed goals when I was single, I’m weird and driven like that…but now it’s so much more fun!

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Spiffing up the house with our new gifts and decor!!!

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I spent a couple of weeks on a “cute spoon rest” hunt for my kitchen.  I just didn’t want the same old drab that you get just anywhere…thanks to Anthropologie I scored an adorable one that even the husband likes!  woohoo!

Planning trips and dreaming together…who knows what will become reality but it’s fun.

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This girl hasn’t had to put a tank of gas in my own car since we got married…ok I know that may seem silly, but that’s a big one to me, I love that.  I never have to worry about it or really think about it!!!!! Ahh he’s a keeper!

We’ve taken a couple of day road trips…all the while utilizing our time to brain storm some business ideas together…although splitting a Starbucks always makes it a happier moment!

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Dates together…yes like the kind he actually initiates and asks!  We even love just staying home on “date night” and hanging out…talking or playing a game with our yummy homemade pizza…or finding out the local coffee shop is closed so we run to the store try some new coffee and go home for a coffee date!  Oh the fun times!

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Our lovely friends coming over for coffee and bringing us a little house warming yummy…her homemade coconut macroons and yes I shared them with Bern!!!

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Oh how about those late night random…oh cookies and milk sound yummy… oh and lets get out the ice cream…and yes we can eat from the ice cream bucket…why yes we can!

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Trying new yummy recipes…although I would like to try more, we just can’t eat it all fast enough…my freezer is full as it is!  Although Bern makes THE BEST bread andddddd this past weekend he baked a sour cream apple pie for our church get-together.  Oh my…yes it’s a winner recipe!!!!

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Are you hungry yet?  We made these blueberry cream cheese sandwiches for the family one Sunday night when they all came over after church…soooo yummy! Oh and easy!

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Homemade granola is a yummy one too…so easy and healthier for us!

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My students have been spoiling us…like seriously!  Walking in with two servings of dessert…the good part about it I am definitely adding to my collection of Y-U-M-M-Y recipes…all the while pigging out on some calories, but oh-so-good!  From Cinnamon Rolls to Hummingbird cake to some to-die-for espresso brownies that walked in the door yesterday…needless to say we have had a sugar high around here, but neither of us have complained one bit!

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I finished up and finally got caught up on my Thank You notes from the wedding!!! Ahhhh such a wonderful task that I am thankful is complete!

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Going places together and having firsts together…my first…his first… it’s just together which is soooooo much more fun.  I had a shoot at City Park last Friday afternoon…we met up when he got off of work and he rode down with me, which makes me nothing but smiles!  We chatted the entire way down…I spent time with my amazing family shoot…then we randomly decided to go to NOMA- it was fun.  We wandered around for about an hour then decided it was time to eat–to Five Guys we went!

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Our weather has been beautiful here…windows open…fresh air…and he started a new project.  Square foot gardening…built his boxes last week…picked out plants and planted them…hoping for some yummy fall veggies from this little project!  I’m thinking he will be successful!!!!!!

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Love is serving and giving.  It’s making sure he has the best…right?

This is just a tad of what’s been happening in our lives the past 8 weeks of married life.  Aside from our everyday life and sharing it together it has been nothing but a joy! Nothing but happiness and learning each other and growing together.  We said last night, we are so thankful for a peaceful home, a home where we can resort to and relax…a home where we are striving to serve one another and more importantly serve the Lord together!

We did take a quick weekend trip…I’ll blog more about that trip soon…I’m trying to stay on top of writing on the blog!!

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  • Vicki McCormack - So happy you are so happy!! God is good!!

  • Sarah - I totally “Aww”-ed through your whole post! 😉 So, so happy for y’all. It’s so fun seeing God’s blessings on your life from your blog posts. Love, Sarah P.S. I think I gained 2 pounds just looking at all that delicious food you posted pics of- haha!

  • Mindy - Love it! And I love the positive spin you put on mundane tasks <3

    I also hate cleaning meat. Did you know they make disposable gloves for that? Some are in the cleaning supplies, or you can use the ones from the medical section of the store. Just thought I'd share 😉

  • Aunt Gwen - You are too cute Erin, I have told you before and I will say it again, I love your writings, keep it up. So happy you are so happy. Love that you are enjoying every little thing.

  • Jackie Bellanger - I live reading your blog! I want the blueberry cream cheese sandwich recipe please! Love you both!

  • Amanda - So fun to read! You inspire me with your awesome blogging techniques!

    My mouth was watering looking at all those tasty goodies!
    And I still think about those macaroons!

  • Katie - Loving these posts! Totally random but do you know if Dave Ramsey has a business book?! I would looooove to read it! I hope all is well! (Even though I can see that it is!)

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