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the STAPLES pt1[]

Yes, it’s only been close to three weeks of married life…but can I say nothing beats married life.  No seriously…in our opinion nothing beats it.  We look at each other all of the time and say “we’re married…can you believe it?…it’s the best”!  It’s a desire, a dream and a promise come true that God has gifted us, and we are ever so thankful and amazed!

I have not been the best at documenting all of our “firsts” together.  I try to enjoy the moments, the times and the memories and not focus so much on always capturing them!   A few to share::

:: What is becoming a Sunday morning tradition and favorite [belgian waffles] Along with Friday nights [homemade pizza]

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:: Our first Sunday home after church my parents ended up being our first guest in our home as Mr. and Mrs.

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:: The first thing 9 out of 10 people that have been in our home have asked is:: you don’t have a tv?  and then the second question is…are you not getting one?  Oh and you don’t have a microwave?  Yep I would say these are the two random facts about us that most could never live without, yet we have chosen to live without!  Yep you’re thinking weird…how and why??!?!?!  Well that’s beside the point of this blog post, so moving on.

:: The list of Thank you notes keeps growing…it reminds me how blessed we are that we are surrounded by friends and family that love us and are praying for us

:: Oh now I have to frequent the store that I have always despised…harsh word I know but it’s true…I would always avoided it at any cost and that is [wal-mart] now I’m finding myself there!

:: At this point you always keep your social security card on you, seeing every where you go they need to see that to change your name…add you to bank accounts…and whatever else they can think of, then they’ll probably ask for it again!   Yet you still won’t have exactly what you “need” for them to do the correct paper work!!

:: The first week back home we had lots of visitors frequent our home as I jumped back into teaching!  Loved everyone getting to come to “The Staples” home!

:: If you know me I’m super organized and so I’m loving meal planning and grocery lists!  I’m getting this down to an art…from organizing the meals and overlapping ingredients to knowing how to write my list out to maximize time at the store and not have a random list that is pulling me in every direction.

:: I have discovered I like cloth napkins and all of their cuteness…I went a little over-board, but hey we’re using them at every meal and so we’ve got “stylish” napkins haha

:: One of our biggest decisions after becoming Mr. and Mrs. was buying a new car!  After praying and seeking direction on what to get and for the Lord to lead us in the right direction…we finally found it!  God blessed us that’s for sure!

:: It’s the little things of going to the mailbox and finding mail addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Bern Staples!

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:: Decorating our place that has our little “thumbprint” on the details is so fun!  It’s amazing how much we like the same things…oh but we do have our differences in taste *sometimes*  The fun part is using some of our wedding decor and flowers!

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:: This week we’ve had fun in the kitchen…my nieces came over for a bit and we made Lemon Poppyseed Muffins with them…then my husband started making his “famous” bread and I started making homemade croutons.  Just being together, doing things we enjoy together is surreal.

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:: We both love music so after we have prayer and devotion together sometimes we’ll squeeze in some time to sit by the piano, sing and get the guitar out.  It’s become a favorite time together!

:: Then there is this little thing of discovering all of his hidden talents… calligraphy and taking our chalk board from our Ice Cream Sundae Bar at our wedding and updating it for our home!  Oh he’s so smart…I feel as though that should be my hashtag from now on… #ohhessosmart Oh and not to mention he can fix anything…yep anything it’s a FACT here at “The Staples” home!

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:: Then there is this little thing called a [budget]…I love the challenge of staying under budget…for some reason that’s fun to me!  I found the best app for my iPhone and I simply am able to keep track of what I’m spending while I shop…knowing where I am in the budget and if we’ll be under or over!

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:: Oh last thing did I mention I love our new reality called life…the part I love it’s TOGETHER FOREVER!

I’ll leave you with one picture from our honeymoon…I could count on one hand the pictures I took—- don’t flip out…the ones just on my iPhone!  The rest I made myself use my camera camera as I call it!  My iPhone is amazing and I love that little handy camera…but there is nothing like my camera camera!

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P.S. as soon as I get wedding pictures back I’m sure I’ll be posting a “few”!  So many of you have face booked, emailed, text or commented that you are dying to see pictures…well we are too and they are coming and we will share some!!!

  • Kelly W. - Love everything about this post! Congrats guys!!

  • Chantelle - Congrats! Loved your post! Your home looks beautiful!

  • Roberta - I love this post. I love hearing how the Lord has brought you two together, and reading this post, hearing the contentment and seeing the pictures of my son just being himself, makes my heart so glad. You truly are a great match, both very unique in your own ways. Love you both dearly…:)

  • Vicki - I am so glad that you and Bern are so happy!!! I love the pictures of Bern playing with the girls and the smile on Leah-Kate’s face! God is so good to us all and it is all in His timing! I applaud you on being patient and waiting for God to lead you to this man that is now your husband! God bless this home! I love you both!!

  • Kathy - What is the app you use??

    Love this post!!! Praising God with you!

  • Kathy - Mrs. Staples,
    Thanks for sharing your happiness with us. I do have to agree with you, married life is such a blessing!

    Many blessing to you & your husband.

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