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waiting on God []

As I am sitting here typing…it’s a rainy…dreary and cool morning, yet I’m in our cozy living room, with the Christmas tree lights on feeling inspired to write.  I’ve already had my coffee…Bern is already headed to work- breakfast made and lunch made, he’s off to work as we start a new week.

I kind of sat here for a minute feeling inspired…yet not knowing what I’m inspired about…or with… or for… or anything…just a lot of jumbled thoughts, not sure how it’s going to come out.  I just began to reflect on how good God is…how good God has been to us and how impeccable God’s timing is.  I know I’ve always heard that God’s timing is perfect…I knew that…I know that.  I think I really do know that now.  Seeing God work in your own personal life has no comparison to what this world will or can offer.  There is no joy or peace the world can offer..compared to knowing God is working in your life…He’s working out His purpose.  Not my purpose or my plan…but HIS.  When you can truly come to know that God is all you need…He’s all you need…He’s all you need.  It’s a little bit easier to trust Him…a little easier to let Him work and you not take things into your own hands…a little easier to walk with Him…a little easier to rely on Him…a little easier to want to serve Him…a little easier to seek Him…a little easier to get to KNOW Him…only a little easier.  I know the next step or the next trial or the next thing He allows in my life to grow me, I may not see it as easier…but I know on the other side it will have been a growing process with HIM…only IF you allow it…it’s our choice to allow HIM to work in our lives…allow HIM to use us…allow HIM…it’s our choice.  Isn’t that what the christian walk is all about growing…growing in Christ…growing as a child of God…growing.  Doesn’t God want a relationship with His children…a walk with His children…a child of Him who relies on him, trusts him, wants to grow in Him?  A relationship takes time, time to nurture, time to grow…time.

I know my thoughts are few…I know they are jumbled…I know they make sense to me…probably no one else and that’s ok.  I am fine with that.  God is faithful…God IS!

This past weekend Bern and I have seen God answer several prayers we have been praying about…there is nothing sweeter than knowing God is working even when we can’t see it…or we don’t know it.  Yet being faithful to HIM and seeking Him for those requests…I think the Lord delights in answering prayers for His children…yet sometimes the answer to a prayer could be Him saying…no, or not right now or child I have a different plan for you.  It’s again our choice to accept God’s answers with a grateful heart.

What a mighty God we serve and He is waiting to do wonderful things in our hearts and lives if only we will give it all to Him, our life, our service, our time, our possessions, our desires, our plans, our hearts…ourselves.  Sometimes giving it ALL to Him is a daily sacrifice…or even more than daily… reminding ourselves this is not ours, it’s Gods.

Have you allowed Him to work in your life?  Do you see Him working?  Do you want Him to work? Do you seek to serve Him? Do you seek a relationship with Him?  If we love the Lord we will desire Him in our lives…we will want to serve Him and give Him our best..give Him our lives.  Not a half-hearted christian…but an obedient child of His.

[a blog post wouldn’t be the same without a picture! 1//date night saturday night 2//our tree lights]

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